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5 Must Read Articles

If you are about to buy or Sell or Rent then we recommend you read these articles. They are designed to equip you with some basic knowledge and principles so you save money and avoid any potential costs.

1. How to advertise on Rightmove

There are reasons why you can’t advertise directly on Rightmove, but there does seem to be some good alternatives to consider. Read more on How to advertise on Rightmove

5 Must Read Articles

5 Must Read Articles

2. A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying

A useful guide for beginners. Print off the free guide, and visit the various authorative sites that will help you make a great purchase for your next property. Read more of the Step-by-Step Guide to Buying

3. Are Estate Agents needed

A detailed look at why estate agents still serve a purpose and you can’t totally rely on the internet quite yet. Read the article Are Estate Agents needed?

4. Property Listing Sites

The web is full of contrasting advice and guides. We have simplified the web and provided a list of the only sites really worth bookmarking, so you can worry about buying or selling while we review the best. Read more on our top 10 Property Listing Sites

5. Our Uk House Valuations Tool

Keep this tool handy as it will give you an ongoing assessment of current property value. With the market changing from month to month this handy little tool is worth remembering. Uk House Valuations Tool

“What about you, do you feel there are some other tips to add to our list?”

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