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5 Simple Ways to Add Value To Your Property

Sometimes its easy to think that adding the most beautiful home improvement that you’ve always dreamed of will be valued by every buyer walking through your property and therefore clinch the deal. How wrong that thinking would be! So what genuine suggestions would add value to your property and by how much?

You can ask local estate agents as an initial starting point.  There often well informed and offer free advice, it’s likely they will be able to see for themselves when valuing the property obvious areas that can add value to your property.

The 5 Simple Ways to Add Value To Your Property

increasing property value

1 Identify your largest Market – Major value
you need to be aware of what is selling well locally. This tells you the type of people moving into the area and this should dictate who you market to as it increases the chances of a sale dramatically, even a potential price bid and we all love those when we are the benefactor. Are Two bedroomed or Three bedroomed houses selling well? What market will you be aiming at and what are these people’s needs? This may well lead to a decsion to keep a bedroom and not make it into an en-suite. Or not to knock down the garage. So in effect sometimes doing nothing and keeping the things the same can be a value knowing the market beforehand.

2. Expand the Kitchen add upto 15% value
If any area of the house has changed in the minds of buyers in the last decade or two, its the kitchen area. Kitchens are seen as the hub of the home, so enlarging to create a multi-functional room will add value to your property.

Extending The Kitchen by working out the most cost-effective solutions. Either taking space from adjacent areas within the home, adding an extension by taking from the garden or just linking to a dining room to make one combined space are the most common solutions.

Once you have maximised the size of the kitchen then make the most of the layout of the kitchen. There are many free kitchen planning services out on the high street and this will provide a great basis for maximising your space with ideas drom there kitchen range. An open plan dining area and possibly living area overlooking the garden with double doors is the most preferred setup.

3. Loft Conversions or An En Suite Bathroom add upto 10% value
If bedrooms are needed to sell property, then a loft conversion can be a simple and effective way to acheive this, alot easier than extensions in many ways as planning permission and application can be quite minimal.

There are loft companies that will do the complete works from planning right through to the final paintwork. This is a great way to increase your market value and yet have little worries. If your more hands on it will probably be slightly cheaper, but make sure your builder has experience and ask to see his work beforehand.

With the adding of an ensuite to a master bedroom it’s worth bearing in mind it doesn’t need to be large, but it should be clean and well lit.

4. Curb appeal works add upto 5% value
Often overlooked, but how your property looks before walking through the door has a massive impact. So much so, that some won’t even walk through the door after a drive by.Easy wins are consistent window design, a well-proportioned entrance. Avoid peeling paintwork or cracked windows.

Familiarity of your own property doesn’t always help and almost makes the obvious areas of improvement invisible, so ask someone passing by, it may be embarrassing but listen as what they say is probably a good direction to consider.

5. Adding An Extra Bedroom or Conservatory add upto 20% value
It may cost a sum, but it will put your property into a new league of buyers with a larger budget.Take into account the road your living in and the largest market in your area before making this decision, in fact its step 1 above that should dictate this as a clear way forward.

With all the above additions, good advice before any decisions are made is vital. If the property’s volume is increased by 15% you will need planning permission. If its within the property then the chances are it fine. In all cases consider each option with care.

If you want to add value to your property you may find this article useful – A great free guide on this web site: How to Value your property

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