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5 ways to let everyone know you’ve moved

When it comes to moving, there is enough to think about. We have already looked at articles on who needs to know you’ve moved, you know the type, post office, DVLA, tax office, local council and so on, but what about ways to let your friends and family know your new address?

Here are 5 tips to help everyone you care for know how to keep in touch and with the dramatic change in social technology, this list is quite different to one a decade back!

1 Business cards

It may sound a bit off topic, but you can use the facility to customise business cards on-line as a great way to make a non business moving card. For example at Vista Print, you can upload any image and lettering, then print 250 business cards for around £5. They look great and are a very professional way to let everyone know your new address. The chances are they won’t even realise it was a business card.

2 Social networking

Chances are you are connected to all your friends and family by one form or another of social networking, either Facebook, My space, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Nothing could be simpler than firing off a tweet to all those who know you that you have recently moved and to email you for your address. Caution is required as if you make your address too public, you could end up with some internet party being arranged with the world and his wife turning up!

let everyone know you've moved house

5 ways to let everyone know you've moved house

3 Letter writing

It’s very old fashioned, but everyone loves a letter in the post. It’s known as Snail Mail, but it still has a real charm. So if you do have the time, a personal letter in the post will always be appreciatted, letting friends know how the move went and arranging a time to have them over in the future.

4 Email

This is probably the easiest option and most universal, send a group email to everyone in your contacts list. If you have already corresponded with them by email then it shouldn’t go into their junk mail but beware of that, especially if you are sending a template email from a card hosting website, which is the other online option.

5 Make your own cards

Similar to letter writing, in a sense its a lot more personal and time consuming. A craft shop can provide the card and then set to work designing a “move house” card . You


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