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Estate Agent with Rightmove – 7 Reasons To Use One

Not everyone is a fan of Estate agents. For many years we’ve wondered whether online property portals like Tepilo from Sarah Beeny would start the disappearance of Estate agents. Basically the question do you need an Estate agent with Rightmove Zoopla and Tepilo adverts has been asked many a time.

So do you really save money by using an online estate agent? Some would prefer the security of using an Estate Agent they can see even though it may cost a few thousand pounds. Often because of the fear of the unknown.  All though we are talking about saving money, if an online agent doesn’t sell the property then you have nothing to save as they didn’t sell it in the first place!  Now that’s a false economy.

Today we present 7 reasons you need an estate agent with Rightmove, Zoopla or any other online presents

    1. The fact that an online agent have already been paid almost deflates any motivation to see the property. As opposed to an Estate agent who is running at a loss until he gets a sale. I say a loss as he has already committed to an advert, and details to print, local property paper and so on. Will an online estate agent sell a property as well as a High Street estate agent. Where is the motivation to sell and achieve results once you’ve had your payment?  Small estate agents rather than a corporate ones are more likely to put every ounce of their energy into finding you a buyer quickly as they have far more at stake.
    2. Local knowledge on property sales. Although Zoopla has some amazing property index and historical data, it has no human element and is often a long way of a realist price. I’m sure this will improve over time. A good estate agent will add value to the sale price. This is one of the reasons many still use high street Estate Agent.
    3. Some buyers don’t really want to meet the vendors face to face. The Estate agent acting as an in between can help keep emotions in place. Homeowners can be very defensive about their homes even though they are selling them. So Estate agents can negotiate a happy medium to keep both buyer and seller at peace.
Are Estate Agents needed?

Are Estate Agents needed?

  1. Estate Agents can use there experience to reassure potential buyers about the issues that a survey might bring up. Also   ct to any observations made at viewing stage. A vendor would not carry as much weight in the eyes of a buyer and they might be suspicious of any advice and information supplied.
  2. The high street Estate Agent will have a network of contacts in the area and is better placed to know who is around looking for a property like yours. There are still many buyers that don’t use the online searches and will just register with Estate Agents in the area of interest. Clearly in more affluent markets buyers potentially would have registered with an agent they built a good relationship with and buy through them eventually. So the combination of Estate Agent with Rightmove should cover all basis.
  3. Building trust with a client and establishing and maintaining integrity is essential. Many buyers still like to see the face of the Estate Agent they’re dealing with. The Agent has a duty of care to both vendor and buyer so many buyers prefer to work with certain agents they know and trust.
  4. A duel business exist with many Estate Agents that isn’t so intuitive with an online agent. The point is Estate Agents that have both Lettings and Sales can often refer people from one side of the business to the other. If an Agent has a database of tenants it is highly likely they have a pool of potential buyers as well.


So having seen the value of Estate Agents we have to conclude that they still have a part to play.

Most online agents don’t cost very much (Tepilo is free!) then why not try both? Why not  have an Estate Agent with Rightmove. No need to flood the market with your property which can be off-putting to potential buyers but a balance of both might be the best way to go. Certainly  the combination of Estate Agent with Rightmove covers all basis.

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