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Aim of Your Right Move

Your Right Move is a Uk based information site, aiming to provide insight in the main areas:

Your Right Move

Buying Property
When buying a property it is important to ask the right questions of the agent or current owners. Bring a checklist when you go to view a new home. Some things may seem obvious, but they are easily forgotten when you are admiring the stone floor bathroom or the landscaped garden. Can you really live with these things?

Selling Property
Buyers are willing to pay up to £10,000 more for an environmentally friendly property, sellers are choosing insulation and double glazing over frivolous fixtures and fittings to add real value. Environmental awareness and encouraging buyers to pay close attention to a home’s run with green issues in mind.

Renting Property
Generally, renting is a much simpler process than buying a home. But, remember that you are living in someone’s property, and that means you must work with the owner or managing agent to repair anything that goes wrong. Within this site you will find several reports and guides to show you the steps to finding a place to rent with a lot less hassle.

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