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There are things some will love about your your current property and other things that some won’t. But putting that into a few words is a challenge.

For me I love our house and would probably describe my current property as
Spacious, Authentic, Home

A couple of days back Right move asked its followers : If you had to describe your current property in three words, which three words would you use?

Describe your current property

Describe your current property in 3 words

This is how followers responded to there current property question

  • Best in world
  • Way too small
  • Portland Stone Cottage
  • On the market
  • Falling into disrepair
  • Stunning, sea views
  • Need loft room
  • Still not finished
  • Beautiful Dartmoor home
  • Move right in
  • Council own it
  • Not sold yet
  • Stunning Snowdonia views


You can see the full article on rightmove’s facebook page

Claire Sweeney was asked to describe her current property. but she wasn’t limited to 3 words

“I live in a very beautiful five storey town house in Pimlico in London. It has the traditional white frontage in a very lovely, quiet street and has a terrace at the back. I love interior design and I’ve made this house quite quirky, so it has my own individual stamp on it. I like having lots of light, so the sitting room is mainly white and silver with splashes of turquoise. I chose a Cole & Son silver wallpaper and added lots of turquoise glass vases and ornaments that reflect the light really well and give the room a wonderful glow. My bedroom is again decorated in white and silver with splashes of shocking pink. I treated myself to an amazing antique silver bed and accessorised with lots of bright pink cushions. I have mirrored furniture because, again, this reflects the light. When I moved in three years ago.”

“The house was a little dark. I wanted to make it brighter, so I did small things like adding mirrors to the back of the shelves. Otherwise, it only needed decorating. I do miss the views of a river, but it’s a very happy, rather special house and I think I’ll stay here for quite a long while. It may sound like it’s a large house and I do like space but, funnily enough, it’s very cosy and, because I have the room, friends and family can come to stay, which is fun.”

So how would you describe your current property? It doesn’t have to be in three words.

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