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Estate Agents get hit by Mary

It’s going to be a very interesting episode on Channel 4 at 9pm

The screening on wednesday of Mary Portas and her Secret Shopper.
This week she targets estate agents, and lets face it, she doesn’t make you feel comfortable under any circumstances.

Each week she goes under cover, secretly films and then shows why she feels UK customers are getting little service in return for there businesses. She then starts helping them look at what the customers want and finally tries some radical changes.

The preview shows an Estate Agent claiming the “West facing property is the new South facing property”. Now come on, she is going to mince you if you come out with that type of spiel. Like a lamb to the slaughter, it won’t be a pretty site this episode.

Secret shopper on Estate Agents

Estate Agents get hit by Mary

Simon Gerrard, boss of north London’s highly reputable Martyn Gerrard is one of the victims in this weeks show down.

Mary Portas, is focusing on estate agents in her Secret Shopper programme.

The preview tells us, “Mary wants to start a revolution in the world of estate agents. Buying a house is the most important purchase of our lives, but Mary thinks estate agents have been letting us down in a big way. Last year complaints rocketed by 40% and Mary’s secret cameras show why. Estate agents are caught with their trousers down as they pull out all the oldest tricks in the house-selling book. Multiple viewings, misleading particulars and lack of specialist knowledge are among the long list of things that drive us up the wall.

“But Mary wants to stop the rot. She hooks up with north London chain Martyn Gerrard and persuades boss Simon Gerrard to let her loose on his sales team in a bid to make them more customer focused. But, before long, tensions rise as Mary realises that she and Simon have very different views on what good customer service really means.”

This will fuel a lot of views no doubt so make sure you have your say below.

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