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Estate agents keen to price property

How easy is it to get an estate agent to provide a price estimate?

For the best part of the last year I’ve received an endless amount of leaflets politely offering a free valuation for my property. You know the type that claim that they have a Mr and Mrs X in their office waiting to buy our property, so pick up the phone and they will instantly provide us with an estimate of what the property value is and allow Mr and Mrs X to view at our convenience.

Last week i decided to find out how quickly can out local estate agents provide us with a free estimate of the value of our property, knowing that is all we wanted of course Tepilo and Zoopla offer an online guide, but its not quite the same.

Estate agents keen to price property

How many Estate agents are keen to price property

To some degree it would give us an idea of how busy the market is and asses how keen the local agents were to take on new property.

After getting through the 10 to 15 minutes of providing all sorts of details we eventually get down to the main question, can you send someone round tomorrow?

The Outcome

We chose 5 local agents, of those 5 we managed to book 3 agents in the following day and two others could make it the following week. So it seemed quite easy to get them round and to give them credit they were able to give some helpful tips on where they felt the market would fall over the coming weeks.

If you do decide to select an estate agent then i suggest its worth using those with local knowledge and ones who have been recommended to you personally or an estate agent who you have used previously. Don’t worry to much about their fee as this is always negotiable. A great service, one that keeps you informed and gets a good number through the door is just as important as it increases the likelihood of a decent offer that could out-weigh any difference in fees.

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