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10 Downing Street For Sale

10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street  isn't for sale, but if it was... With Right Move, Tepilo, Zoopla, Up my street or Find a property, we are a nosey bunch in the UK. If we aren't buying property, we love to know what Mrs Jones paid for hers down the road. Or what the neighbours house looks like on ...

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Do you need an Estate Agent

Estate agents keen to price property

It's not the first time we have asked the question, Do you need an Estate Agent in this day and age? With the mighty online agents like Zoopla and Rightmove, the little estate agent down the road needs to offer something different to make his value worthwhile. We are looking at the debate from the perspective of someone wanting ...

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Rightmove could be knocked off top spot by Zoopla

the final round

Its been on Zoopla's mind for a long time, but Zoopla wont stop until its number one amongst the property search portals. The merge of Zoopla, and It seems they have announced the largest step forward yet by merging all the other big names to take on Right Move. Zoopla Ltd and Digital Property Group, a subsidiary ...

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Estate Agent with Rightmove – 7 Reasons To Use One

Are Estate Agents needed?

Not everyone is a fan of Estate agents. For many years we've wondered whether online property portals like Tepilo from Sarah Beeny would start the disappearance of Estate agents. Basically the question do you need an Estate agent with Rightmove Zoopla and Tepilo adverts has been asked many a time. So do you really save money ...

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UK house prices

UK house prices for 2012 - Predictions Revealed

Will Uk house prices fall or rise in the coming year ? What will the 2012 house market bring ? We take a look at what the experts are saying and look to see whether the housing gloom is about to lift. While the average house prices in the UK will have actually risen by 1.3pc by the ...

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Rightmove improves property listings

Rightmove improves property listings

Rightmove is already the UK's largetst property listings website, but now things have become even better for the huge listing site. A recent survey revealed that potential property buyers complained that often the properties viewed in the search results were often out of date. So a team of developers have now improved the quality of the ...

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How to advertise on Rightmove

Advertising on Rightmove

Is it possible to advertise on Rightmove for free ? Many seeking to sell their homes online, want to advertise on Rightmove. Rightmove is the biggest property websites in the UK. Understandable as more than 90% of all UK estate agents list on Rightmove. It appears that sadly individuals selling their homes directly cannot list their property on ...

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End stamp duty holiday looms

Stamp Duty Exemption

It's noteworthy that the end of the stamp duty holiday looms for first-time buyers with just 5 months to go, sellers with homes worth £250,000 or less should acknowledge call to action First-time buyers should be aware that the 25th October marks just five months to go until the stamp duty holiday ends. Under current arrangements, first-time ...

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How Much is My House Worth

How Much is My House Worth

If ever we find a question that fills our inbox on a regular basis, that is definitely number 1 How Much is my property worth. In many ways its a variable that has no definite answer. In fact the simple but correct answer is quite annoying. "Your property is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for ...

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8 Houses per Estate Agent

8 Houses agreed per month

According to  the National Association of Estate Agents, sales agreed per branch stayed at eight for the fourth month in a row. The NAEA report also revealed a few more interesting factors as to why confidence in the market is fragile. Buyers are still failing to overcome the significant barriers to home ownership that the current housing market represents. ...

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