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FindaProperty vs Rightmove App – Round 3

FindaProperty vs Rightmove App – Round 3

This is going to be a close contest as Rightmove will easily go the distance with its years of experiences. The contenders are FindaProperty and Rightmove. Today is round 3

Property Apps Round 3

Property Apps Round 3

Property Apps Round 3

Which one has the larger number of properties for rent in a given area?

FindaProperty Results
Town: 50 Bournemouth properties for rent
City : 1239 London Noting hill properties for rent

Rightmove Results
Town: 100 Bournemouth properties for rent
City: 100 London Noting hill properties for rent were shown and again the application crashed!

Verdict: FindaProperty won – more results provided and more stable application. After these two tests alone I’m convinced that the Rightmove has probably more results but it can’t cope with results producing more than one hundred results. While I can understand no one would view a hundred properties and would need to narrow the criteria of their search, I would never expect a crash from an app under any circumstances

2 FindaProperty
1 Rightmove

Tune in tomorrow for Round 4

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4 Responses to “FindaProperty vs Rightmove App – Round 3”

  1. home owner says:

    Wow i thought Right Move would get an early lead

  2. Proper Property says:

    I also found the FindaProperty app was a lot more stable on my iPhone

    I wonder if a new version update will become available soon for the Right Move app

  3. Zanet says:

    @Proper Property yes its a good point
    i wonder how many others have had it crash when results hit 100 plus?

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