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How to sell your house on Rightmove

right move estate agents

Selling your house on the Rightmove web site is certainly a great way to be seen and find many more potential purchasers. But how do you get on there? Most good estate agents are experts in selling properties and will know that a web prescence is essential for capturing the market of people moving into ...

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Property Top Trumps – Home

Property Top Trumps - Home

Over the next week, Your right move has been looking at the statistics of some of your favourite property portals to find out what is currently the Joker in the pack and which is the Super Trump. Using the analogy of an old card game Top Trumps, we take a look each day to see whether ...

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Rightmove Houses

Rightmove or not so right move

Of all the rightmove houses we found this..... I've seen advertised, this one must take the best award. Not only the cheapest but also the most likely to disappear with global warming. It actually was put on the site as a house under offer as you can see from the pictures. The site had internal shots ...

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FindaProperty App vs Rightmove App

Battle of the Apps Recently there seems to be an application for everything. iPhone users are being given a lot of choice and service from the property sites and Right Move and Find a Property are no exception. Even Sarah Beeny informs me that the new Tepilo web site is currently having an Application built for the ...

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House prices over 5 percent rise

house market prices rise

Housing market confidence its currently at its highest since recession started a few years back. According to the data supplied from the Halifax, they recently indicated that house prices rose by 1.1 per cent last month to an average of £168,521 and have increased by 5.2 per cent in the past year. Interestingly the property web ...

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Should I sell my property this month?

Should I sell my property this month

With figures showing the average time a property is on the market for is now 10 weeks and most are not selling. Selling property is still a difficult challenge in the latter part of 2012. The lead up to Christmas is always challenging as October and November allow just enough time for a chain to complete ...

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Phil and Kirstie – 11 seconds

Phil and Kirstie - 11 seconds

We all love Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.  Their success includes, Location, Location, Location; Relocation, Relocation; Location Revisited; The Property Chain it's noteworthy of the one point they often mention, but could easily be missed. According to Phil and Kirstie when you wall in through the door of your potential property, the first 11 seconds is all they need to ascertain the ...

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Secret to increasing property interest

Secret to increasing property interest

So is their a secret to increasing property interest if you have gone several months with little or no interest. Yes there are several ways to turn things around according to a recent discussion on Right Move. If your property has had little or no interest to date then here is a plan of action to increase ...

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A Step by Step Guide to Buying

buying your house online

The Buying Process: A Step-by-Step Guide Now I'm about to reveal my normal process for buying a property. Years ago a walk along the local high street and a visit to each estate agent was my only option while taking a day off work. Today its all changed. Far from my priority to visit shops and ...

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Rightmove House Listing – How Long?

Rightmove House Listing - How Long?

So how long does an average web visitor spend looking at your Rightmove house listing ? We decided to take a look at the viewing habits of potential visitors and see how quickly will your viewing need to grab a potential buyers attention. The answer : your house listing has less than 3 seconds! According to our ...

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