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How to sell your house on Rightmove

right move estate agents

Selling your house on the Rightmove web site is certainly a great way to be seen and find many more potential purchasers. But how do you get on there? Most good estate agents are experts in selling properties and will know that a web prescence is essential for capturing the market of people moving into ...

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Rightmove Houses

Rightmove or not so right move

Of all the rightmove houses we found this..... I've seen advertised, this one must take the best award. Not only the cheapest but also the most likely to disappear with global warming. It actually was put on the site as a house under offer as you can see from the pictures. The site had internal shots ...

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FindaProperty App vs Rightmove App

Battle of the Apps Recently there seems to be an application for everything. iPhone users are being given a lot of choice and service from the property sites and Right Move and Find a Property are no exception. Even Sarah Beeny informs me that the new Tepilo web site is currently having an Application built for the ...

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Rising Rental

Rising Rental in the UK

Rent Going Up Renting a property will go up, as rental properties coming onto the market has fallen for the first time since January 2008, according to the latest Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors survey. It appears tenants no longer have as strong a bargaining power. Improvements in the housing market have led to a fall in ...

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Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Disputes between a Landlord and a Tenant

Landlord and Tenant Disputes Below are some really useful tips for landlords and how they can avoid problem tenants. Good Communication with Landlord and Tenant They say it’s good to talk. No landlord or tenant  want a dispute. Most issues occur due to a lack of communication with your tenant.  Good communication by Landlords to their tenants may ...

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Rightmove rental properties

Rightmove rental properties missing list

What do you expect to see on Rightmove rental properties ?  Recently Rightmove asked its followers that question. It's good they are taking feedback from Facebook followers. The full questions was "If you were looking for a rental property on Rightmove, what information would you want/expect to be included from the agent advertising it?" It seems that ...

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Green House – Top 10 areas

A greener house is more relevent than ever. UK Grants are now offered on upgrades to a renewable heat sources. You could even be eligible for financial support towards solar thermal hot water systems, heat pumps and biomass boilers. When it comes to the environment there are several things to consider when moving house. Often this is ...

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History doesn’t repeat – but it rhymes

Housing market goes in cycles

"What has been will be again. What has been done will be done again... [Ecclesiastes 1:9] 7 years ago I sat at my trading desk in the City (London), glanzing over old charts of the Dow Jones Index. For some reason I took a calculator and began noting down the difference in time between the old highs ...

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5 Easy Ways to Become a Successful Landlord in a Recession

Landlord Top 5 Tips

Below are 5 easy ways to become a successful landlord in a recession and certainly we are going through one of the worst to date. With dips, double dips, the economic decline hasnt change direction for some time. With rent arrears more likely than ever and many finding themselves as landlords due to the lack ...

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Phil and Kirstie – 11 seconds

Phil and Kirstie - 11 seconds

We all love Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.  Their success includes, Location, Location, Location; Relocation, Relocation; Location Revisited; The Property Chain it's noteworthy of the one point they often mention, but could easily be missed. According to Phil and Kirstie when you wall in through the door of your potential property, the first 11 seconds is all they need to ascertain the ...

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