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Secret to increasing property interest

Secret to increasing property interest

So is their a secret to increasing property interest if you have gone several months with little or no interest. Yes there are several ways to turn things around according to a recent discussion on Right Move. If your property has had little or no interest to date then here is a plan of action to increase ...

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7 Essential Articles for Right Move users

Advertising on Rightmove

1. Is it possible to advertise for free on Rightmove? Right Move users often contact us and ask us what way they can advertise directly.  Find out why so many ask this question and the reasons why you can’t advertise directly on Rightmove. Though their does seem to be some good alternatives to consider.  So we take ...

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Top 7 Steps to Selling Your Home at Speed in the UK

Top 7 Steps to Selling Your Home at Speed in UK Selling a home in the UK right now isn't the easiest market compared to recent years, but our top seven tips will certainly increase the speed and help you beat the average sellers odds. The market is currently taking sellers eleven weeks to sell a ...

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A Step by Step Guide to Buying

buying your house online

The Buying Process: A Step-by-Step Guide Now I'm about to reveal my normal process for buying a property. Years ago a walk along the local high street and a visit to each estate agent was my only option while taking a day off work. Today its all changed. Far from my priority to visit shops and ...

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Rightmove House Listing – How Long?

Rightmove House Listing - How Long?

So how long does an average web visitor spend looking at your Rightmove house listing ? We decided to take a look at the viewing habits of potential visitors and see how quickly will your viewing need to grab a potential buyers attention. The answer : your house listing has less than 3 seconds! According to our ...

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Are their really current buyers after your house

Are there really current buyers after your house

You know how it works, several flyers through your letter box offering every pizza offer you can think of. But you also get the estate agents plea for help. Are their really current buyers after your house in your very road? Do they really have a Mr and Mrs C who have just agreed a sale ...

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More ways Monopoly Helps Property Developers

Monopoly Lessons for Property Developers

Last Year we looked at how Monopoly can teach lessons in the real world of property development. When it comes to selected the right location for investment and knowing whether to make improvements on your home, Monopoly provided some very valuable lessons. Knowing fact and figures as well as the odds of an outcome will also prove ...

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Outside indoors

Outside inside

I have to say that one of the biggest wow factors for me, is seeing outside inside. Initially a few plants suffice in a flat as a first time buyer. But as my taste matures as i become older, i find i'm more inclined towards choosing ways to go a few steps further. Outside indoors is the ...

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REVEALED, what property feeds on our igoogle

Top Property Feeds

Today I reveal some of the best RSS feeds for keeping us up to date on UK property and Mortgage news. There are hundreds of great widgets and apps and feeds on the web today and property news feeds are essential if you want to keep up with current changes in the UK housing market. So ...

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10 Downing Street For Sale

10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street  isn't for sale, but if it was... With Right Move, Tepilo, Zoopla, Up my street or Find a property, we are a nosey bunch in the UK. If we aren't buying property, we love to know what Mrs Jones paid for hers down the road. Or what the neighbours house looks like on ...

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