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Coffee smells sells blog claims its best to sell property with the nose in mind. It's been a long known fact that if you walk into a property holding your nose for the wrong reasons, its going to have a negative effect no matter how amazing the property is. So is there any truth in the psychology ...

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Fences – Affect House price

Fences - Affect House price

Do fences affect house prices? Clearly fences and disputes over boundaries have long been a subject of  heated discussion over the past. In 1978 The Fencing Act was passed whereby it clearly set out the rights and responsibilities relating to fences between neighbouring properties. This is an area that can cause huge friction between neighbours and may spoil ...

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Living in a Green House

Living in a Green House

Is it possible to live in a Green House? Italian Architects Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio know it is. Think of the benefits. Your tomatoes would ripen quicker than your neighbours. Your heating bills would be a lot cheaper when the sun was out. The views would be 360 degrees, and you would never need to hang ...

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5 ways to let everyone know you’ve moved

let everyone know you

When it comes to moving, there is enough to think about. We have already looked at articles on who needs to know you've moved, you know the type, post office, DVLA, tax office, local council and so on, but what about ways to let your friends and family know your new address? Here are 5 tips ...

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Do solar panels add property value

online bidding

Are solar panels the right move to add property value - a debate for many UK residents to consider. With so many green additions to the home these days, do solar panels add property value and should you consider the consequences before install? This week the news is all about the recent government reduction of its feed-in ...

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Sarah Beeny : Rise Hall

Sarah Beeny Rise Hall

As a venue for a wedding, Rise Hall is a perfect venue. But that wasn't always the case as we recentyl saw in the recent Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare. Rise Hall was a convent for many of its years along with a girls boarding school. But after 50 years funds ran out, thereby the home was abandoned and dormant  for 10 ...

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Buying a New Home? Beware!

New home needs good plans

Are there good reasons for buying a new home as opposed to purchasing an older building or pre-owned house. New houses or off the plan houses can prove to be a great way to get a home that fits your needs, but it can also prove a challenge due to the huge amount of laws and ...

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Barratt Housebuilder go Gold

Barratt Housebuilder

Barratt are set to return to profit this year after a poor few years. Barratt Developments, Britain's biggest housebuilder, expects to increase profit after announcing thay have began work on more than 1,000 homes near the Olympic site in East London before the games begin in 2012. Barratt Developments have a total of eight major phases ...

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How to move in

How to move in

Choosing the best home and making the right move is one thing. But on the day you move, you want to avoid as much stress as possible. Lets show you how to move in. So what can you do in preparation of the big move in day? Beforehand, a good few garage sales and car boots will help provide ...

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Are Estate Agents needed

Are Estate Agents needed?

I've been weighing up over the last year as to whether estate agents really are needed. With Tepilo providing an estate agent free way of selling along with zero costs it has to be a consideration. So i decided to invite some estate agents round to value my property at the weekend. One estate agent from a national ...

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