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House prices continue recovery

Many felt the election would effect house prices, but early signs reveal this is not the case.

The House market has continued to show good recovery in May regardless of the election results.

£237,134 is now the average asking price on according to Rightmove property web site.

House prices continue to go up in price

House prices continue recovery

Sellers surprisingly haven’t been idle during the election. Figures show that the numbers of properties for sale in the UK jumped 8% in May. It’s thought that changes to property legislation will be low on the priority list for a coalition government and thereby kept prices on the same rising level. reports “the election has done little to temper people’s appetite to enter the property market. We’ve seen another rise in the number of properties for sale, so sellers haven’t felt the need to wait until after the election. And prices continue to rise suggesting that strong demand is propping up prices despite the influx of new stock.”

They then conducted an interesting survey just before the election which appears very accurate.

The survey question was this:

Would you let the election affect your decision to continue searching for a property?

  • 83% people searching for a property stated that they will continue their search despite the election
  • 74% said that the election result would not stop them buying a property.

So will June continue the rising trend of recovery?

We will just have to wait and see…

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