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How to sell your house on Rightmove

right move estate agents

Selling your house on the Rightmove web site is certainly a great way to be seen and find many more potential purchasers. But how do you get on there? Most good estate agents are experts in selling properties and will know that a web prescence is essential for capturing the market of people moving into ...

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Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Disputes between a Landlord and a Tenant

Landlord and Tenant Disputes Below are some really useful tips for landlords and how they can avoid problem tenants. Good Communication with Landlord and Tenant They say it’s good to talk. No landlord or tenant  want a dispute. Most issues occur due to a lack of communication with your tenant.  Good communication by Landlords to their tenants may ...

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A Step by Step Guide to Buying

buying your house online

The Buying Process: A Step-by-Step Guide Now I'm about to reveal my normal process for buying a property. Years ago a walk along the local high street and a visit to each estate agent was my only option while taking a day off work. Today its all changed. Far from my priority to visit shops and ...

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How long to choose a house in UK?

Choosing your house

Choose a house in the UK right now! How long does it take to take on such an important choice. One that effects every day of your life if you live in it? This was the question raised this week and suprisingly the online survey from mortgage provider ING Direct claimed it takes just 21 ...

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Outside indoors

Outside inside

I have to say that one of the biggest wow factors for me, is seeing outside inside. Initially a few plants suffice in a flat as a first time buyer. But as my taste matures as i become older, i find i'm more inclined towards choosing ways to go a few steps further. Outside indoors is the ...

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REVEALED, what property feeds on our igoogle

Top Property Feeds

Today I reveal some of the best RSS feeds for keeping us up to date on UK property and Mortgage news. There are hundreds of great widgets and apps and feeds on the web today and property news feeds are essential if you want to keep up with current changes in the UK housing market. So ...

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7 Homes Never Seen on Rightmove

Bill Gates Home never seen on Rightmove

Chances are these homes will never be seen on Rightmove. Ok they are all based in America and Rightmove is UK based, but even so. Could you really afford these Hollywood homes? So we present 7 homes you can't afford 1. Bill Gates home He has the finest home technology. Apparently has an automated human dwelling. I bet ...

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10 Downing Street For Sale

10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street  isn't for sale, but if it was... With Right Move, Tepilo, Zoopla, Up my street or Find a property, we are a nosey bunch in the UK. If we aren't buying property, we love to know what Mrs Jones paid for hers down the road. Or what the neighbours house looks like on ...

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Property price gap grows

How do you search for property on Rightmove

According to the Rightmove House Price Index this month, it found that UK average asking prices increased by 2.8% over the past month driven by strong price growth in the South. lf you are looking to move to the north of the country from the South, the growing price gap will let you buy a lot ...

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3 Apps you need if your house hunting

augmented app from findaproperty

Viewing property has never been easier, as more of the big property companies release apps for the iphone and other mobile operating systems. If you have ever walked around an area and thought how much you would love to live here, then these apps are priceless. The apps will help you find available properties in your ...

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