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Rightmove expect UK House Prices to drop

Rightmove - house prices will fall

According to a survey by property website Rightmove, house prices though they have risen for the first 6 months of 2010 are expected to fall back in the second half of the year. Why this glum conclusion? With several factors effecting the UK house market in the last few months including HIPS being abolished and an ...

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House prices continue recovery

House prices continue to go up in price

Many felt the election would effect house prices, but early signs reveal this is not the case. The House market has continued to show good recovery in May regardless of the election results. £237,134 is now the average asking price on according to Rightmove property web site. Sellers surprisingly haven't been idle during the election. Figures show that ...

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Bank rates set to rise

Bank rates look set to rise

Bank rates look set to rise in the coming months It looks likely the Bank of England will need to raise rates to control inflation and thereby encourage growth and recovery. Cameron said economic growth cannot be restored in Britain without getting the record budget deficit under control, after he became prime minister earlier this month after ...

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Rightmove : Broken housing market

Rightmove reports the property market is in a mess

Rightmove reports the housing market is broken as it reveals the market has a mountain of unsold stock. The reason Rightmove provide is due to a growth in new sellers coming to the market and a strong demand due to the mortgage drought. This has led agents being stuck with a stock pile of unsold properties. It ...

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HIPS Abolished

HIPs abolition order is signed

Its been revealed over the last few days that the HIPs abolition order is signed and ready An order to suspend HIPs has been signed, with the announcement of a suspension due this week as Parliament convenes. UPDATE: With HIPS abolished, it has boosted the housing market according to the Guardian this week - June 2010 ‎ Some are ...

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House Rentals

House Rentals Guidelines

For many the first introduction to House renting is when they become a student. Money as Simply Red describes it as "too tight to mention". So every penny counts and often experience of life is slim. The article today is written to provide you with a useful survival guide if you're new to flat or house ...

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Property Listing Sites

Property Sites

Top 10 Property Listing Sites Today we want to reveal our top 10 property sites that we use constantly for reviewing there guides and house listings. Below are our top ten property sites. 1. Right Move is the UK's number one property website. It lists properties for sale and to rent. You can search online over one Million properties ...

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Right move co uk Record

Rightmove Record

It seems that things are a changing at right move co uk as they hit an outstanding record last month. The number 1 UK property website continued to break traffic records on 6th April 2010. Some have wondered whether new websites like Sarah Beenys Tepilo or Zoopla would take away the hold from property website, but ...

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Beach House Property

Beach house property

Beach houses - incredible property value When it comes to beachfront property in the Uk you will find some are selling for the prices you would expect to pay for a house! Often referred to as a beach hut, and that's exactly what it often is, a hut. So, could the price of a hut go ...

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Village of Tescos

Tescos Mini Village Sign

Tescos announced plans to build four reported villages based around there own store. Its been echoed around for some time that the massive supermarket would move into the housing market. This has now raised concerns of the retailer abusing it's power and knowing too much about it's customers. Their is no doubt though that there is ...

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