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Rightmove Houses

Rightmove or not so right move

Of all the rightmove houses we found this..... I've seen advertised, this one must take the best award. Not only the cheapest but also the most likely to disappear with global warming. It actually was put on the site as a house under offer as you can see from the pictures. The site had internal shots ...

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House prices over 5 percent rise

house market prices rise

Housing market confidence its currently at its highest since recession started a few years back. According to the data supplied from the Halifax, they recently indicated that house prices rose by 1.1 per cent last month to an average of £168,521 and have increased by 5.2 per cent in the past year. Interestingly the property web ...

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UK housing market recovery in 2014

Rightmove - only 98 days left until Christmas

Back in 2009 we published the article below. So how did it turn out. Are we now starting to see the housing market recovery in 2014 that was predicted? Most are now saying that while there is little or no change, realistically 2019 is the year we will see the prices back to the 2007 peak. The confidence ...

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History doesn’t repeat – but it rhymes

Housing market goes in cycles

"What has been will be again. What has been done will be done again... [Ecclesiastes 1:9] 7 years ago I sat at my trading desk in the City (London), glanzing over old charts of the Dow Jones Index. For some reason I took a calculator and began noting down the difference in time between the old highs ...

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5 Simple Ways to Add Value To Your Property

increasing property value

Sometimes its easy to think that adding the most beautiful home improvement that you've always dreamed of will be valued by every buyer walking through your property and therefore clinch the deal. How wrong that thinking would be! So what genuine suggestions would add value to your property and by how much? You can ask local estate ...

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IKEA house

So you love allen keys and meatballs and don't mind the Swedish look with your Billy bookcases. Well if that all sounds familiar to you, you have probably been in an IKEA store on more than one occassion. But how about living in the Swedish showroom, literally!  The IKEA house is now released on the ...

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How to fight housing and homelessness

How to fight housing and homelessness

Zoopla decides to show how to fight housing and homelessness. Teaming up with Shelter, Zoopla commits £25,000. The economic situation over the past few years in the UK means many families are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. As a result, property website has today announced a fundraising partnership with national housing and ...

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Property price gap grows

How do you search for property on Rightmove

According to the Rightmove House Price Index this month, it found that UK average asking prices increased by 2.8% over the past month driven by strong price growth in the South. lf you are looking to move to the north of the country from the South, the growing price gap will let you buy a lot ...

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Barratt Housebuilder go Gold

Barratt Housebuilder

Barratt are set to return to profit this year after a poor few years. Barratt Developments, Britain's biggest housebuilder, expects to increase profit after announcing thay have began work on more than 1,000 homes near the Olympic site in East London before the games begin in 2012. Barratt Developments have a total of eight major phases ...

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House prices set to Rocket or Plummet

Rocket or Plummet

A very interesting report in the Times looked at how things may turn out in the coming months for UK property with the latest political changes. The articles expressed that one of the greatest challenges the new coalition Government faces is to make sure that pessimistic predictions about the housing market do not come true. Allowing ...

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