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How to advertise on Rightmove

Is it possible to advertise on Rightmove for free ?

Many seeking to sell their homes online, want to advertise on Rightmove. Rightmove is the biggest property websites in the UK. Understandable as more than 90% of all UK estate agents list on Rightmove.

It appears that sadly individuals selling their homes directly cannot list their property on Rightmove without an estate agent.

Advertising on Rightmove

Should it be free to advertise on Rightmove

This is due to Rightmove’s advertising policy. All properties advertised on their site should comply with the “Property Misdescription Act of 1991”. This Act was designed to protect the public from estate agents that stretched the truth about a property. It was devised to provide protection to the general public making it illegal to make false or misleading statements.

So are there any other ways that an estate agent can offer access through there registration with Rightmove? Any way to supervise the statements made and thereby approve the submissions for a minimal cost?

It’s worth noting there used to be a few estate agents that did comply with the act. For a small fee they enabled you to advertise on Rightmove.

Good news!.

Well I thought so, until I contacted The Little House Company online estate agency
In the past, they were are able to list your property on Rightmove for a small fee, until Rightmove decided to block the idea.

I decided to contact The Little House Company to find out what had changed since they couldn’t now directly advertise on Rightmove.

Nick Marr founder of The Little House Company told us, “We offer an online estate agents service that does not include listing on Rightmove anymore. We were working with a number of agents but Rightmove sent us a legal notice asking us to stop. They felt we were amounting to reselling their service. We now simply recommend or refer our clients to this panel if they want a Rightmove listing”.

Nick continues, “We offer a full online agents service apart from Rightmove. Despite us being registered estate agency in the eyes of the law and the fact we produce compliant listings Rightmove are uncomfortable with us on their website as we promote private sales. They receive complaints from estate agents and we will never be on that website whilst we offer consumer choice with our services”.

“One of my main competitors has given up private listings so that he can have his properties on Rightmove. If we did the same it would be yet another private sale business squeezed out of the industry”.

Will you be able to advertise on Rightmove in the future for free?

Maybe we will see things change in 2012. But currently Nick Marr told us “We contributed to an OFT report last year which concluded: The OFT’s study into home buying and selling FEB 2010 found that the housing market remains dominated by traditional estate agents with weak competition between them on price. As property prices rise during housing booms, so too do estate agents’ fees. Overall satisfaction with estate agents, however, has improved in recent years, according to research conducted as part of the study. Where there are problems with transactions, consumers generally do not think the estate agent was at fault. The OFT believes that innovation in this sector, in particular through online services, could have a dramatic impact on the cost of buying and selling a home”.

So there we have the reasons why you can’t advertise directly on Rightmove, but there does seem to be some good alternatives to consider.

We will review some of these alternatives over the coming weeks. What do you think? Should you be able to directly advertise on Rightmove  web site?

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19 Responses to “How to advertise on Rightmove”

  1. jen says:

    please email any more information on how to advertise on rightmove as a private vendor. by the way the spelling of your first there should be spelt their. thanking you jen t

  2. […] 121move – online estate agent Today we look at the online estate agent 121 move. Its tag line is “the fastest and cheapest way to get your property advertised on rightmove”, a great claim and certainly one we were interested in after we ran the articles last month on advertising on Rightmove […]

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  4. Your Letting says:

    Their are many “on-line letting agents” that are able to, put private landlords properties on RightMove, Zoopla and other Property Portals. Happy to share the list we have put together

  5. Lenny says:

    Makeurmove now provide marketing and /tenant find services to Landlords for FREE. You can get your rental property on to all the major portals including Rightmove for £0. They charge the tenant for referencing. If you feel so obliged you can pay £49 instead and the tenant gets it free. You have to do the pictures and the viewing but the sms technology they use is cool. SMS viewing arrangement and tenant follow ups!

  6. mike says:

    If you are a landlord you can opt for the full management , let only or advertise only service offered by rightmove lettings ltd to advertise your property for rent.

  7. @ Lenny
    Advertise on rightmove for free. Is that just for rental landlords or all property listings?

  8. estate agents in brighton says:

    Advertising on Rightmove – There are so many that do this you could try they are just for web advertising

  9. Mrs Noblett says:

    How much does it cost to advertise my house on rightmove.
    I have a private owner and wish to rent the property out again.
    How do I go about it.

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  11. Mark says:

    That’s the trouble with a monopoly or dominant supplier.

    They are reducing competition, for their own ends, and the public should stop using their site (but won’t!)

  12. Info says:

    If you are a landlord looking to advertise on Rightmove, you might find this website useful –

  13. Karin says:

    Love the site . As an owner and estate agent we love this resource on Your Right Move. Keep up the great work

  14. I am one of the directors of and we have recently started promoting all of our properties on Rightmove. The private house sales model we used to operate which was the same as The Little House Companies gradually became less profitable with the emergence of the online estate agent. To remain profitable, like My Property for Sale we are now a fully accredited online estate agent.

  15. Tenants4U says:

    Try – National Letting agent of the Year 2012/13. They have a FREE tenant find or a range of options with property management just £15 per month.

  16. ELEANOR MENT says:


  17. ELEANOR MENT says:


  18. Martin Jackson Diskin says:

    Join us for an Easier Sale! It provides a platform for the marketing of properties in the UK by home owners, landlords and estate agents. Our clients receive a free account that allows them to post multiple property listings with image uploads. Our members can also send and receive messages via the Easier Sale website or place contact details along side their property listing. There are no hidden fees, commission charges or time limits. Could we make it any easier?

  19. David says:

    I used them to sell my home and within 20 days …all done and dusted.

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