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How to move in

Choosing the best home and making the right move is one thing. But on the day you move, you want to avoid as much stress as possible. Lets show you how to move in.

So what can you do in preparation of the big move in day?

  • Beforehand, a good few garage sales and car boots will help provide a little extra cash and clear some unwanted boxes which will make it a few boxes less on the big move day. Moving house is a chance for a fresh start in a new environment and so getting rid of the possessions that weren’t needed in your old house and which only served to make a mess, reinforces this change.
  • Your next step is to search the local papers or the web for a good van hire company.  Finding discounts and offers is also pretty easy if you’re willing to search hard enough. Once you’ve chosen a vehicle and a good van rental company place your order and head down to collect the van on the chosen day. Ask yourself whether you and a few friends do all the work or do you hire removal men? The choice and cost is yours.
  • Now a big choice before you move in, do you allow some time to decorate before moving? You could keep most of your goods in storage for a few weeks and use the time to get some decorating done before moving in to your new home.
How to move in

Simple guide to how to move in

But its now the day to move in, so what do you do?

  • Depending on whether you already have the keys or not, try and set out as early as you can in the day to avoid unforeseen issues. Try and have realistic goals. Realistic is knowing its probably going to be fish and chips round the corner for tea.
  • Try and get a few friends to help out and buy them a takeaway that evening. Many hands make light work and that is never a truer saying on this particular day.
  • Aim to at least get your bedroom straight enough to sleep in that night.
  • If you have the rooms then use one room for a dumping area from which you can draw from over the coming days.

There you go, it probably wasn’t too bad now you know how to move in – but where is the remote control for the television?

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