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How to negotiate like Phil and Kirstie

When it comes to watching Phil and Kirstie on Location Location, my favourite part of the programme is waiting to see Phil or Kirstie decide on how to negotiate the offer with an estate agent.

So what tips can we learn from watching these experts on their mobiles to an estate agent.

1) Firstly its important to make clear your strengths. If you are a first time buyer or investor or have a short chain then these are worth mentioning as it will have value in the eyes of the seller.

Phil and Kirstie

How to negotiate like Phil and Kirstie

2) Though you may want to go in with the asking offer, consider what its worth to you. You may love it, but be prepared to consider its true value not just emotional value.

3) Think of the cost it would take to change any unfinished work and use this price as to a reason why your offer is lower than the asking price. This is often the way Phil and Kirstie negotiate.

4) Agree your price with a friend or partner before you call and stick with it. If it’s not accepted immediately you can always return with a higher offer. In addition they are likely to react with a lower than asking price offer as a way of meeting you half way. Use this again to reassess the value before making another offer.

5) Highlight other positives such as an approved mortgage or cash if you’re a cash buyer, or you are prepared to work within their timescales

Negotiating a price isn’t the easiest job in the world, but keep calm and clear headed like Phil Spencer. You’ll have a greater chance of achieving a good price with a little patience. Surely worth i,t when you consider your talking thousands of real pounds and not monopoly money.

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One Response to “How to negotiate like Phil and Kirstie”

  1. Mike webster says:

    Phil and Kirstie are two of the worst negotiators I have ever seen,why would anyone want tips from them?

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