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How to sell your house fast

Have you ever wondered what you can do to help speed up the process of selling your house? There is nothing more off putting than seeing a property on the market for months and not selling. It builds up a stigma and often the only way to sell is to reduce the price opening it up to a new market.

For many home sellers there is nothing easier for speeding up the process than the following tips 6 Your Right Move tips…

Here’s a list of some easy fixes to problems that you might overlook:

House Interior

Light bulbs

New light bulbs throughout the house will help keep the viewing of the house bright and help give viewings the feeling of clean and open property. Especially important in winter viewings when the day light is limited.


Do your doors hang correctly. Can the open and close? or will potential buyers assume that a sagging door signals a serious foundation problem? It’s small details like this that may be holding the sale.

Clean spacious living

Clean living covers the avoidance of clutter as well as the cleaning of the home. Let them smell the polish, see the windows gleaming inside and out and see that you do take care of your home and thereby will take care of them if they make an offer. They are less likely to assume there are any hidden skeletons in the cupboard if the home feels clean and spacious.

How to sell your house fast

Tips to sell your house

House Exterior

First impression

Go outside you home and imagine you are going to view it for the first time. Now make a note of all the niggles and half finished repairs that stand out. Remember the first impression is often the most important and you may have become immune to the work needed. Don’t forget the steps, porches, decking and even the pavement outside, even if it wasn’t your dog that left a gift outside!


Front door and paintwork on window sill are also an easy miss, though for many with uPVC double glazing the need for repainting doesn’t apply.

Clean path and patio.

Weeding the path or pressure washing the patio, or even patching up the pebble dash on the outside will all help make a good impression as the viewer pulls up outside.

We hope these tips will prove useful.

Let us know below if you have any tips that help when you moved home


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