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Location Location Location is back

In a month when the House Price Index found that the average asking price for a property in the UK dropped 2.1% in August we are keen to See the latest Series of Location Location Location – it’s back.

Series 17 starts this week – a full 60 minutes of bickering and down to earth houshunting. Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help UK house hunters find dream homes, starting a new series with a double challenge in Harrow and Hertfordshire that’s all about postcodes and pickiness. Channel 4 favourite househunters are about to hit the tv schedules every wednesday at 8pm starting this week (31st August 2011)

Phil and Kirstie on Location Location Location is back

Phil and Kirstie on Location Location Location wednesdays at 8pm

The two property gurus Phil and Kirstie present Britain’s best-loved property series, as well as offering an insider’s guide on how to get buyers to make decisions. Rob and Hilary and searching in HItchin, Hertfordshire for a family home on a budget of £250k, while  Rupreet and Sundeep have a budget of £380k and are looking in Pinner which is an expensive area in Harrow.

We love it and so do you from all the emails we receive. Lets hop we see new buyers hunting down new locations and not all the revisits that Channel 4 seem to love giving us half way through a new series. Revisit are a little cheap trick, esecially when we saw the original visit on more 4 the week earlier!


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