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London 2 let

From time to time we discover new sites that we think will prove useful in your quest to find property. For those wanting to rent in London we have found a gem. Lets take a look at london2Let

How London 2 let works is the creation of Will Thomas. The idea is it immediately shows thousands of properties to rent in London. It’s obvious they have a winning way to work with potential customers and agents. The listings are direct from hundreds of local letting agents and appear within seconds of coming on the market, so it’s the immediacy of the site that makes it so useful. With over 30,000 apartments, houses, studios and flats their is an excellent choice for all visitors.

London 2 let design and usability

London 2 let site - great design and usabilityThe usability of the site stands out above many other sites. Similar to Google, simplicity always works best and London 2 Let really keeps ease-of-use to the fore.

Across the top are the various audiences within the top menu, residential property, student accommodation, flatshare london, letting agents, letting agents; all clearly presented in the lay out. If you enter each section they are colour coded and once again just one or two fields to enter and you are away.

We decided to take a look at properties in Clapham as an example – ( Here you can filter down the results, view on a map, choose type of property or number of bedrooms. As the site integrates Google maps it will feel familiar to use. The map features are second nature.

Once you are in the search results, you can easily change or tweak your searches with the search details area on the left. With 31,678 properties in the London area and counting, there is a lot of choice.

There is plenty of social media intergration so you can tweet or email a property to a friend. The layout is intuitive and almost impossbile to fault. Action buttons stand out on the page, over all if a site is attractive and usable it will get traffic and recommendations, with this in mind stands out.

It was hard to fault any areas of the site, so it would be good to hear what you think, especially if you are using it to find a property in London over the next few months.

We decided to catch up with Will Thomas from London2let

YourRightMove: How long  have you been established?
London2let: We set up the June 2011
YourRightMove: How many registered users do you have?
London2let: We have 770 letting agents uploading
YourRightMove: What led to the idea for the business?
London2let: We noticed their was a need for an easy to use portal which displayed both agent and landlord property
YourRightMove: How much does it cost to register?
London2let: It’s Free and £1 per lead
YourRightMove: Have you seen any interesting trends?
London2let: Since we launched the site in June 2011,  we have noticed a large increase in East London rental searches.
YourRightMove: Will you think of expanding outside of London?
London2let: We own,,,, etc, in fact the top 30 most populated areas in the UK,  so maybe.
YourRightMove: The site looks very usable, is there any hidden gems on the site that may not be apparent for users?
London2let: A lot of smaller agents who can not afford the big 3 are on London2let.  One hidden gem is the fact that landlords can also upload to the site.
YourRightMove: Name some reasons why any one wanting to rent in London should sign up right now?
London2let: Anyone looking to rent in London should search London2let because the properties are updated by agents automatically so as soon as an agent uploads a property it appears on london2let moments later. giving users a true reflection of what is available in the market. currentley over 32,000 properites to rent in the capital.
So do take a look at and discover a treasure chest of properties in the London area and let us know how you found the site.
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