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Half a Million House Valued at 5 Grand

Half a Million House Valued at 5 Grand

How could Half a Million Pound House Ever Get Valued at 5 Grand! With such an outrageous contrast in price of this property in Surrey its a perplexing issue One estate agent values the property at £5,000 pounds Another values it at £10,000 pounds. Why then would it have another value of £500,000 ! In effect its actually art work! ...

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House repossession

The one thing no one wants to hear is house repossession in there neighborhood. Its bad for so many reasons. How good it is to read that house repossession is at its lowest for 4 years. The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) recently showed the dramatic drop. A recent CML report showed the number of repossessions by mortgage lenders ...

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More ways Monopoly Helps Property Developers

Monopoly Lessons for Property Developers

Last Year we looked at how Monopoly can teach lessons in the real world of property development. When it comes to selected the right location for investment and knowing whether to make improvements on your home, Monopoly provided some very valuable lessons. Knowing fact and figures as well as the odds of an outcome will also prove ...

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Affordable Mortgages

14 year high for Affordable Mortgages in UK

Affordable mortgages aren't a thing of the past. According to the Telegraph today, Mortgages are at their most affordable for 14 years. The claim is based on the average mortgage payments for new borrowers, first-time buyers and home movers. The Telegraph speak of only 27% of disposable earnings needed for mortgages in the fourth quarter of ...

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Fixed mortgage for 10 years

Mortgage for 10 year fixed

Is it a good idea to fix your mortgage for 10 years? Several banks and building societies think its now the way to go. This week we checked out several offers where you can get a  fixed mortgage for 10 years . National Counties Building Society  - 10yr 4.19% Fixed R/M LTV 25% Britannia Building Society - 10yr 4.79% Fxd ...

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REVEALED, what property feeds on our igoogle

Top Property Feeds

Today I reveal some of the best RSS feeds for keeping us up to date on UK property and Mortgage news. There are hundreds of great widgets and apps and feeds on the web today and property news feeds are essential if you want to keep up with current changes in the UK housing market. So ...

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Mortgage rates may rise from eurozone crisis

Mortgage rates may rise from eurozone crisis

It seems that the low mortgage rates may change. After 3 years of low mortgage rates, analysts are reporting they may rise due to the so-called eurozone crisis, which has seen protests and unrest in recent months.  Yet the Bank of England is planning another reduction! Bank of England The changes may occur with Banks offering incredible ...

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Largest mortgage lender increases mortgages

Why would the largest mortgage lender increases mortgages

After 3 years of rock bottom mortgage rates, mortgage lenders are adding an increase to their standard variable rates. The bank of England set the base rate 3 years back, but The UK's largest mortgage lender increases mortgages as money markets rise. Halifax, part of Lloyds Banking Group and the Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest customers will notice the ...

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How do I buy a property?

How do I buy a property

For many visitors to this site this may seem to be a question that you wonder why we ask. How do I buy a property? Is like asking how do I go shopping for some. but consider the millions of UK web users who have never purchased property. This site is for there benefit too. How ...

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Chelsea building society fixed rate savings

chelsea building society fixed rate savings

Chelsea Building Society fixed rate savings could spark another price war for mortgage offers. Chelsea Building Society is offering a five-year, fix-rate deal at an all-time low rate of 3.19 per cent. The offer, which massively undercuts competitors in the five-year market, is available to borrowers below 70 per cent loan-to-value (LTV) with the arrangement fee of £1,495. "The ...

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