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Phil and Kirsty – Location

Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsopp

Don't you just love Phil and Kirsty, and there back again for another new series. Catch the new series of Location, Location, Location on Wednesdays at 8pm on Channel 4. Phil and Kirsty, like a favourite Aunty and Uncle they almost row in front of the nation on the great show Property experts Phil Spencer and Kirsty Allsop were asked for advice ...

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End stamp duty holiday looms

Stamp Duty Exemption

It's noteworthy that the end of the stamp duty holiday looms for first-time buyers with just 5 months to go, sellers with homes worth £250,000 or less should acknowledge call to action First-time buyers should be aware that the 25th October marks just five months to go until the stamp duty holiday ends. Under current arrangements, first-time ...

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No deposit mortgage is back


Oh dear, it seems 100 per cent mortgages are back!. Relatively new bank Aldermore which was set up at the start of the credit crunch is making headlines with its new offer of  5% savings and no deposit mortgages. Bringing back 100%  loans for first-time buyers to get on the housing ladder without saving a penny ...

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Home Ownership down – Cost of Buying Up

Home Ownership down

The big news after the Bank Holiday weekend is based on the recent report from the National Housing Federation regarding Home Ownership going down, while the cost of renting and Buying continues to spiral out of control. They predict the number of home owners will drop to just 64% as house prices soar, compared to 73% in ...

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Santander Customer Service

Santander Customer Service

Does Santander deserve a second chance? Simon Read from the Independent believes so, as his article this week reasons the Spanish-owned company has good reasons why it's failed and will turn things around in the coming months. A response too late for many customers who have overwhelmingly rated the Spanish giant bottom in a customer service ...

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Fixed Rate Mortgage Up

Fixed Rate Mortgage Up

After a period of falling mortgage approvals, mortgage applications are now on the rise. Over 80% of borrowers chose to apply for fixed rate mortgage. The Mortgage Advice Bureau revealed in a recent report that the number of mortgage applications was up by 11.6% in February2011 and 20% in March 2011 compared the previous year. Though its worth ...

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Royal Bank of Santander

Royal Bank of Santander - Santander bid for Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Santander - Santander look set to buy Royal Bank of Scotland It seems Santander the Spanish bank that bought Abbey National are about to purchase 318 branches from Royal Bank of Scotland. Thus our cheeky headline "Royal Bank of Santander" Santander put a £2bn offer in April and is set to acquire 318 ...

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Discover 5 ways Monopoly Helps Property Developers

Discover 5 ways Monopoly Helps Property Developers

Monopoly will help you in the real world of property development - that's a growing view that is taking on a lot more meaning during this current recession amongst many developers! Surely not. Monopoly is a game of luck rather than skill, and I would never win second prize in a beauty contest unless only two ...

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Interest rates up to 8pc in two years

Bank of England

Yes Interest rates up to 8% in two years Experts are predicting a large rise Interest rates in the next two years. They expect the rise to reach around 8% to dampen the soaring inflation. All research points to the Bank of England being forced to raise interest rates to cope with inflation. With ballooning inflation threatening to ...

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How to negotiate like Phil and Kirstie

Phil and Kirstie

When it comes to watching Phil and Kirstie on Location Location, my favourite part of the programme is waiting to see Phil or Kirstie decide on how to negotiate the offer with an estate agent. So what tips can we learn from watching these experts on their mobiles to an estate agent. 1) Firstly its important to ...

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