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Outside indoors

I have to say that one of the biggest wow factors for me, is seeing outside inside.

Initially a few plants suffice in a flat as a first time buyer. But as my taste matures as i become older, i find i’m more inclined towards choosing ways to go a few steps further.

Outside indoors is the secret

If you want a real stunning feeling when your visitors walk into the room then outside indoors is the secret – Discover how to achieve this great house improvement without the costs.┬áMaking interior space feel bigger, brighter and contemporary has to be a step in the right direction for modern living.

Outside inside

Outside inside


Large, healthy pot plants indoors will ensure that your indoor living space feels more like a conservatory – and therefore linked to the garden. This is a cheap trick that anyone can copy, no matter what the architecture of their home is like. Furniture and accessories, Marks & Spencer


Whether French doors or large picture windows that overlook a garden, they should be kept clear of clutter. Keep curtains and blinds to a minimum as this can quickly loose the positive effect of the light into the room. A simple trick is to use glass whenever possible as it brings the outdoors in and keeps reflecting light around the interior room.


Try to match your flooring from inside to outside and keep it to exactly the same level. This will give the impression that the rooms are one. For instance if you’ve got traditional wooden floorboards indoors or even laminate flooring then choose decking outdoors and ensure the boards all run in the same direction.


Using green at your windows will help bring the garden and indoors together too. That could mean blinds or even painting the walls around the windows green. Use mid-toned wood indoors to match plants on patio – it’s even worth painting your walls and fences in similar tones. Painting your garden furniture to reflect the colour scheme in the room nearest the garden is a really easy way to link the two spaces visually.


Garden furniture that would look just as good indoors is a trick that you can use to blur the indoor/outdoor divide. Look for furniture indoors that complements your garden furniture, too.


Even if it’s too cold to go outdoors in the winter, there’s no reason not to light the garden well, so that you can enjoy it from within. Go for low energy options where possible, and turn the lights off when the garden’s no longer in view… Outdoor fires, Ecosmart Fire


A wooden awning with vine or plants growing accross can provide a real feel of outside/inside. The disadvantage is it may block light. An awning over the windows or doors that lead to your garden provides shelter outdoors.It also allows you to keep the doors or windows wide open when it’s warm and raining.

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