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Period Properties in the UK

Today we look at the Period Property UK website.
So what is the idea of the Period Property UK website and how does it benefit buyers and sellers in the property market? We took time out to review the site that has been around for over 10 years.

The idea behind the site is simple, visitors have a community where they can share ideas and experiences, almost for the “Grand Designs” projects, but without the negative comments from Kevin McCloud.

Site usability
The site is clean and simple to use. The homepage colourful and appealing. One of the features that stood out on my first visit was the “Period Property of the Month”. The idea is they look at a collection of renovations and restorations of period properties. They then list links to the stories by style of building. Victorian, Georgian, Pre 1700s, Farmhouse, Cottages, Thatched Cottages and Large Properties.

Period Properties in the UK

Review of Period Properties UK Web Site

Site features
A feature we noted was “Ask our Agony Uncles”. They have a panel of experts that give free of charge advice on any subject, providing it’s got something to do with Period Properties. This feature seemed to provide a heart to the community. The experts are all specialists in matters directly involved with older properties. So, if you have a problem with an older building it’s probably been asked already, or join and ask yourself. Most questions seemed to have excellent answers.

We spoke to Simon Wright the site representative. Simon tells us “The community of interest that the site fosters is alive and kicking. You only have to look at the vibrant discussion forum that’s been going for over ten years now to get a feeling for the widespread interest there is about period properties across the nation”.

The property section on the Period Property UK website is just one of many sections on the site that seeks to foster a community of interest about our historic dwellings in the UK that contribute greatly to our heritage. They are unique and special and need to be looked after, enjoyed and cherished. They seek to provide help through the provision of sound advice on how people can maintain the fabric of their historic homes in ways that are sympathetic to the materials and the building techniques that were in use at the time of their construction.

Simon Wright from Period Property UK told us, “With particular reference to the property section, we provide people with the opportunity to seek out period properties – dwellings with historic character and charm. We only list period properties. So people who visit our site know that that is what they will get. It provides for a niche market of people who are particularly seeking to enjoy the lifestyle that living in an historic dwelling brings”.

“Sellers will know that the most effective way to market something is to promote it amongst groups of people who are most likely to be interested in the thing you have to sell. It makes obvious sense. So sellers of Period Properties appreciate this. So promoting their property to a target audience that expects to find period properties listed only, is like preaching to the converted”.

“It also makes sense to promote your property in multiple ways. Estate Agents continue to be very effective, yet you can help to find that buyer by listing your property on the Period Property UK website. Or you may ask your Estate Agent do so on your behalf. The same goes for Estate Agents. Those that list their portfolios of Period Properties with us have found that presenting their portfolios to our niche audience provokes a higher than average hit rate of reaching interested buyers. We offer special rates for Estate Agents who list their Period Property portfolios with us and we can accommodate bulk uploads using XML feeds”.

So if you have a Georgian building or a Farmhouse, or if your looking for a Victorian House or a Thatched Cottage, then you may find a visit to Period Property UK time well spent. For me, my 1930s house doesn’t fall into these categories, but I really like this unique niche of only listing period properties and will have it in mind when I want to move into my dream home.

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