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Phil and Kirstie – 11 seconds

We all love Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer.  Their success includes,

  • Location, Location, Location;
  • Relocation, Relocation;
  • Location Revisited;
  • The Property Chain

it’s noteworthy of the one point they often mention, but could easily be missed. According to Phil and Kirstie when you wall in through the door of your
potential property, the first 11 seconds is all they need to ascertain the interest and initial impression.

11 Seconds includes hallway

If that’s the case then maybe the room that needs more attention than most and gets so little attention that it’s not even vowed as a room – the entrance and hallway

How important to keep it fresh the hall way bright, clean and clutter free.

Rather than fighting through cuts like a trip to Narnia and tripping over shoes, the aim should be to provide maximum space and homeliness.
Apart from decluytering and a neutral colour scheme, add a few mirrors and a couple of healthy plants.

Phil and Kirstie - 11 seconds

Phil and Kirstie say it takes just 11 crucial seconds

A recent discussion asked why are Kirstie and Phil so succesful? There is no mistaking they have a chemistry that is unique to them, you would almost assume they were married the way they treat each other. Kirstie’s flustering and off-the-cuff opinions tended to bemuse and mildly irritate Phil in equal measure – although touchingly in private he often picks fluff off her coat, a gesture usually restricted to partners or parents. It certainly works for them and its viewing figures.

Phil and Kirstie – Our Conclusion

So in conclusion remember 11 seconds is almost all you have to make a positive impression. That’s not a very large window, but one that you can certainly improve once you are conscious of it. So we beleive Phil and Kirsties tip is about right. If anyone has found this article useful please let us know.

Oh yes and before I get asked again, Phil and Kirstie are not married!

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