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One Property Gadget Does All

Can one gadget do it all?

Could a gadget really trawl through all the web pages out there and provide a one stop interface to enable you to find environmental reports, steetview, how much the property last sold for on Rightmove and Zoopla? Yes. The gadget is PropertyWizza. The application works perfectly on the Google Chrome browser and links into over 20 information sites about property. Local house prices, planning applications, crime, flood risk etc. It’s said to be the essential companion for RightMove addicts.

We spoke Robin Keith, the brainchild of the gadget, “PropertyWizza makes property buying easy, by answering the top questions house hunters ask about a neighbourhood. From a postcode, we can show everything from local planning applications, crime rates and flood risk to school reports and the best local pub! Our browser extension even picks out the postcode from popular sites such as RightMove and Zoopla, saving you time and effort. And with combined maps and StrretView, PropertyWizza is the closest thing to viewing without, well, viewing!”

One Property Gadget Searches over 20 sites

One Property Gadget Does All

I asked Robin how he came about designing the gadget, he told Yourrightmove, “I wrote PropertyWizza over the winter, while we were looking for a house in Norfolk. We were pretty flexible about the location, and were thinking about what we could do with a place, rather than how it was currently.  So we had literally hundreds of properties to look at, and my other half became completely addicted to RightMove.  Deciding which places to view was a nightmare.  I like to know as much about an area as possible, so I found I was using a load of information sites over and over, tapping postcodes, and it was taking ages.  Being a lazy developer at heart, I decided to speed the process up, and PropertyWizza was born.  A couple of months later it helped to secure our property bargain – a run down far cottage in the middle of nowhere.”

Robin continues, “The online version is pretty useful, you just enter a postcode once and get links straight in 20+ information websites.  But the really interesting bit is the Chrome extension.  On RightMove and Zoopla, which don’t publish postcodes for the most part, it can work out the postcode of the current property, and give you all the links. I’d say is worth downloading Google’s excellent Chrome web browser for that alone.”

So has it been welcomed? Robin comments,”It’s very much a hobby project at the moment. We’ve been featured in The Independent, and Web User mag, and have already got a healthy stream of visitors.  We’re currently ‘doing up’ our house in Norfolk, which is a full on gut the place and start again operation, so it’s nice that PropertyWizza has had interest while we’ve been too busy to promote it much.”
We really like the gadget, and are sure that it will continue to prove a very useful tool to all our visitors, why not give it a try.
The online version is at, and you can download the browser extension from there too. All completely free.


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3 Responses to “One Property Gadget Does All”

  1. Des says:

    I use chrome and tried this
    Seems to work very well with Zoopla
    Though you must put the whole of the property postcode in for it to work.
    Tried it on Right Move and it wasnt so seemless as Zoopla
    Certainly worth trying though

    Thanks for the heads up


  2. Son of Fred says:

    A good idea but I found with Chrome and rightmove it hangs forever.

  3. I use Firefox
    does the property gadget work on Firefox?

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