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5 ways to let everyone know you’ve moved

let everyone know you

When it comes to moving, there is enough to think about. We have already looked at articles on who needs to know you've moved, you know the type, post office, DVLA, tax office, local council and so on, but what about ways to let your friends and family know your new address? Here are 5 tips ...

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Relocating Robbie

Relocating Robbie

For any massive Take That's Robbie Williams fans, it's not very often you get a chance to take on the bachelor pad of a rock star. For those looking for property, a few million in their back pocket and looking for a 3 bedroom terraced retreat, then this may be what your looking for. Rightmove recently ...

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3 Apps you need if your house hunting

augmented app from findaproperty

Viewing property has never been easier, as more of the big property companies release apps for the iphone and other mobile operating systems. If you have ever walked around an area and thought how much you would love to live here, then these apps are priceless. The apps will help you find available properties in your ...

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Discover 5 ways Monopoly Helps Property Developers

Discover 5 ways Monopoly Helps Property Developers

Monopoly will help you in the real world of property development - that's a growing view that is taking on a lot more meaning during this current recession amongst many developers! Surely not. Monopoly is a game of luck rather than skill, and I would never win second prize in a beauty contest unless only two ...

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The Global Property Guide

The Global Property Guide

Today we look at the Global Property Guide website. A web site for individuals who want to invest in property abroad, but need an independent guide before making a commitment. We took time out to review this unique site. The site is set up for investors who may already know what countries they are interested in ...

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Period Properties in the UK

Period Properties in the UK

Today we look at the Period Property UK website. So what is the idea of the Period Property UK website and how does it benefit buyers and sellers in the property market? We took time out to review the site that has been around for over 10 years. The idea behind the site is simple, visitors have ...

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Zoopla’s iPhone app


Zoopla's iPhone app has arrived. You can now download Zoopla's iPhone app for free and get all the property information you need instantly while on the move. So Zoopla are now ready to take on the other previous contenders See Will it become the champion of iphone apps? Zoopla's iPhone app is looking promising The largest feature that may well ...

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How to negotiate like Phil and Kirstie

Phil and Kirstie

When it comes to watching Phil and Kirstie on Location Location, my favourite part of the programme is waiting to see Phil or Kirstie decide on how to negotiate the offer with an estate agent. So what tips can we learn from watching these experts on their mobiles to an estate agent. 1) Firstly its important to ...

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Tepilo goes awesome with Google

Tepilo joins Google

Sarah Beeny’s great website Tepilo now lists its properties on Google’s new service. This looks a brilliant way forward for what is in my mind a mini revolution from Channel 4's Sarah Beeny We've already taken a look at Reviewed and the Tepilo Temptation, but today we decided to take a look at how the Google service is integrated, ...

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Virgin Media Help House Movers

Virgin Media Help House Movers

Fibre optic cable broadband provider Virgin Media has recently spoken of a new scheme it wants to involve itself in designed to take the hassle out of moving house. They intend to sponsor a new initiative designed to help people who are moving house. In effect new movers are supplied with a box. The Home ...

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