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Rental tips

So you want to move house and your looking for somewhere to buy, what next? Print this page of and make sure you didnt miss anything and you won’t go to far wrongl.

Rising Rental in the UK

How much rent can you afford?

We all know what we like, but what can you actually afford? The price of your new house or flat is just the beginning of the costs involved in purchasing a new property in the UK. If you need to arrange a mortgage, then you must add interest into the equation, which can be a significant sum if it takes a while to move. You will also need to remember to include some of these costs below:

Solicitor’s fees £900
Searches £25-150
Land Registry £80
Solicitor’s disbursements £35
Lending source’s solicitor’s fees £300
Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee £1,400
Lender’s valuations £160
Survey fee £300
Buildings insurance £200
Removal firm £300

What boxes need to be ticked? – Location?

Do your homework on this if you don’t want to make a regretted mistake. You may have always dreamed of living in a grand flat in Mayfair, or in a renovated farmhouse in rural Devon, but now is the time to be realistic about where you can afford to live. Location is critical to your decision.Get to know the public transport routes, the roads, the amenities and the atmosphere of the place.

Arrange Viewings

So what are you looking for on each viewing?

Interior considerations:
Reception Rooms
Storage Space

Exterior Considerations:
Garden or Outdoor space
Walls and Pointing
Window Frames

Proximity to:
Public Transport
Health Club
Friends & Family
Location rating overall

Other considerations:
Age of Property
Amount of Renovation needed
Direction property facing
How long on market?
Noisy or Quiet Area?

2 Responses to “Renting”

  1. Jonny Bassett says:

    some good tips here on renting a property; some things that people may not always necessarily consider.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Tang Hui says:

    Hello,I am going to be an academic visitor in Newcastle University from 21 January 2019 for one year. We want to rent a house in NE3 or NE4 district, because we wang to let my son can go to primary school in kingston park primary school or . wingrove primary school.We need apartment with two bedrooms,or a set of villas.thanks.

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