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Follow YourRightMove on Twitter blog claim – smells sells blog claims its best to sell property with the nose in mind. It’s been a long known fact that if you walk into a property holding your nose for the wrong reasons, its going to have a negative effect no matter how amazing the property is. So is there any truth in the psychology of letting the coffee brew in the background on each viewing, or start baking your loaf of bread or cakes for the kids.

It’s true to say that as we discussed a few days back that the first 11 seconds makes or brakes a property viewing, then it make sense that smell has a heavy impact on you within those 11 seconds, in effect it provides a homely atmosphere especially if associated with pleasant smells of childhood like cakes.

Coffee smells sells claim - bread and coffee smells - help sell property

Flowers are an interesting smell as they can work both ways, fresh and smelling good -great, but some flowers can smell awful or look droopy and work the wrong way so they make both lists. Fresh flowers in the entrance hall can make a real difference to a buyers first impression of your house.

So what are the attractive smells that can make a positive impression on your viewings, and what are the unattractive smells list of positive smells

  • Baked bread
  • Fresh flowers
  • Crisp clean sheets
  • Cake in the oven
  • Fresh coffee brewing
  • Vanilla
  • Lemon
  • Lavender
  • Chocolate
  • Roast dinner smells to avoid

  • Cats and dogs – believe me if your not a pet owner it is there!
  • Any tobacco smells
  • Cheap air fresheners
  • Spilling dirty bins
  • Damp washing on a radiator


Why does coffee fill the house with its smell?

That amazing aroma of brewing coffee moves rather quickly once its on the brew. The volatile oils in the coffee bean has been one of it singular major attractants. Scientists say it is only a small group of components that are responsible for the aromas but it is their high level of concentration that makes it so distinct. Steam from the brewing process help distribute the aroma in the relative confines of your property.

I see bacon isn’t on the list of smells that sell, would you have the smell of bacon, or do you have another smell you use when selling your property?

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  1. Its true
    When i sell a property i try not to over do the smell – but no doubt about it – put yourself in a buyers position – when i go around looking for property i will definitely find it hard to overlook a pungent smell. But bread coffee or cakes works on me, even if i am aware of it – its just positive homely smells make you feel good

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