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Rightmove House Listing – How Long?

So how long does an average web visitor spend looking at your Rightmove house listing ? We decided to take a look at the viewing habits of potential visitors and see how quickly will your viewing need to grab a potential buyers attention.

The answer : your house listing has less than 3 seconds!

According to our latest findings from Rightmove statistics, potential buyers spend an average of just 2.7 seconds looking at a seller’s summary advert before deciding whether to take their interest further, or move on to look at other properties.

On that basis you would have to make your listing stand out. So what could you encourage your estate agents to put on the listing that may help? Certainly you have to think of ways to make your property stand out as Rightmove claims new sellers are being forced to drop their initial price expectations because they are outnumbered by successful buyers 2:1 as a result of ‘miserable viewing weather’, ‘Olympic distractions’ and the ‘continuing credit crunch’.

Rightmove House Listing - How Long?


Rightmove House Listing Tips

Your property advert needs to give them reason enough to travel to visit your property, especially during one of the wettest summers on record. So here are some suggestions to help your Rightmove house listing stand out.

  • Ask your agent to use the “Premium Listing” sticker
  • Use of capitals on titles can help the listing catch your attention on the list
  • Get you listing to advertise the area using local and larger area descriptions
  • Ask for the “Viewing advised sticker” for your property
  • Your agent should have control and be aware on the best way to list, but not all have a full understanding and in effect its in your interest to get this right
  • Upload at least 10 good quality photo images of your property
  • Make sure the first photo is the very best photo (normally the house front is best or the view)
  • Make sure your listing is keyword rich with descriptive words.
  • Ask for a floorplan to be added
  • Visit your own listing and read it as if you were a potential buyer, does it truly reflect the best features of your property?
  • The price, this is often the biggest impact – is it realistic?

If you can grab the attention of potential buyers to look at the detail page, you then increase the potential viewings. The more viewings the more likely its your property that sells. So don’t underestimate your 3 second opportunity when you have your house listing put on Rightmove.

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