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Rightmove places review

This week Rightmove Places was released by RightMove.

We decided to take a look and see what this  local messages and reviews site had to offer for its visitors.

First glimpse Rightmove places looks like an effort to make a Facebook community for online buyers and sellers. in effect RightMoves answer to social media. A Twitter meets Facebook with a Trip Advisor community thrown in for good measure.  A place to share and discover the places your are looking at. So rather than Trip advisor only recommending hotels and accommodation Rightmove Places allows Doctors Dentist, Football teams Local Pubs, almost anything in an area or “Place” to have a rating and review.

Rightmove places review

Rightmove Places - a Trip Advisor for house-hunters


Rightmove have seen the need to keep in with the social media scene as last year they became the first property website to add the Facebook ‘like’ plugin to each property details page, allowing for content to be shared between home-hunters and their friends. Rightmove Places is now the next stage on. Some are calling it Placebook.

Rightmove claim “It’s an innovative new social media website aimed at providing home-hunters with an at-a-glance overview of the locations where they are searching for property. Major brands are growing more and more aware of the need to provide relevant hyperlocal content to their consumers as shown by the recent launch of sites such as Google Hotpot, Facebook Places and Yahoo Local. Rightmove Places will bring this dimension to the property search process, which is by definition a highly localised process”.

Rightmove Places Design

The site itself is far more modern and appealing than the current web site. In fact it makes the mother site look shabby. So the design is colourful and appealing and its very easy to sign up and register.

You can then create and share neighbourhood alerts and messages for events, clubs or even a lost cat! What’s happening in your area, any festivals, concerts, village fetes and so on? It triumphs in th fact you can ask neighbours what the area is like without knocking on there door. Time will tell on how biased and open to abuse this system of recommendation is, but it certainly will provide a new tool for those relocating.

Our conclusion : Rightmove Places is  a Trip Advisor for house-hunters




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3 Responses to “Rightmove places review”

  1. I think this will fail. Rightmove should stick to what they know. This is trying to hard to be a social area. Having Facebook for sharing property makes more sense and asking questions about the area using established social networks is the only snsible way forward. Right Move should stick to what they know best!

  2. Zanet says:

    Interesting point made

    I think it may be open to abuse as well
    How will the police it on RightMove Places?
    I did notice the House Price Game
    Rightmove’s property expert, Miles Shipside challenges visitors and guests to a game of higher or lower. Though no prizes for my 10 correct guesses!
    Just guess right, and you win, guess wrong, and Miles wins!

  3. Dennis Harvey says:

    I have wanted a site like this for a very long time. I do believe it has the potential to become huge. It is great for people like me who like many of the older generation have an aversion to facebook. I only hope that it doesn’t, like Facebook, become dominated by silly pointless chatter. The one compaint I have is that it provides no opportunity for user feedback on the site itself such as ideas for improvement, or things that don’t work quite as they should. Nevertheless I do hope it succeeds!

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