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Rightmove House Listing – How Long?

Rightmove House Listing - How Long?

So how long does an average web visitor spend looking at your Rightmove house listing ? We decided to take a look at the viewing habits of potential visitors and see how quickly will your viewing need to grab a potential buyers attention. The answer : your house listing has less than 3 seconds! According to our ...

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Rightmove estate agents

Estate agents - as if it was Rightmove

Rightmove estate agents what are they and why don't they actully exist like in the image below? Rightmove are not estate agents, though it's a simple mistake to make. Rather they are a portal for customers to view the houses that are on the market with the majority of estate agents in the UK. More than ...

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Rightmove disappoints Estate Agents

Rightmove disappoints Estate Agents

Times are getting tighter according to the markets this week. Rightmove indicated that the pressure on finances caused by the sovereign debt crisis has prompted home sellers to maintain their property sales price unchanged since April. This is the first time since 2002 that prices haven’t risen in the month of May, the month in ...

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7 Homes Never Seen on Rightmove

Bill Gates Home never seen on Rightmove

Chances are these homes will never be seen on Rightmove. Ok they are all based in America and Rightmove is UK based, but even so. Could you really afford these Hollywood homes? So we present 7 homes you can't afford 1. Bill Gates home He has the finest home technology. Apparently has an automated human dwelling. I bet ...

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Rightmove House Price Index

Rightmove has long released it's monthly House Price Index. But we are impressed to see that this months index for April 2012 uses the trendy infographics. So take a look at this months Rightmove House Price Index using a Infographic. The infographic reveals that the average asking price for a property in the UK is now at ...

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Highest House Prices According to Rightmove

Highest House Prices According to Rightmove

According to Rightmove we now have the highest house prices since 2008 House prices rose 2.9% in April according to Rightmove. Although the average house price is now at its highest in the country, this is not reflective of all UK areas. In fact many are lower. The best advice is to look at your own area ...

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How to Find your Dream Property

How to Find your Dream Property

When you buy property on the web its easy to think, search on Rightmove - That's it! Today we take you out of the box. As we saw last week sites such as Zoopla will give you an additional 25% more properties on an average search. How to Find your Dream Property - The principle: Simply think ...

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Do you need an Estate Agent

Estate agents keen to price property

It's not the first time we have asked the question, Do you need an Estate Agent in this day and age? With the mighty online agents like Zoopla and Rightmove, the little estate agent down the road needs to offer something different to make his value worthwhile. We are looking at the debate from the perspective of someone wanting ...

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Should you use Zoopla with Rightmove?

Should you use Zoopla with Rightmove?

In our house I always default to Rightmove and thereafter to Zoopla. I do use Zoopla which is more than others do in my household but I did make me wonder why do i use it.  Not everyone agrees with me, in fact I'm amazed how many people I know only use Rightmove. So do ...

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How to use Rightmove

How to use Rightmove

The other day Rightmove asked its users how they used Rightmove. We thought we would consider it from our standpoint today and provide you with our view on how to use rightmove. With various ways of accessing Rightmoves data we have several options but for serious househunters the web site has to be the ultimate experience. ...

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