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Sarah Beeny 19 Zoopla 10

Now we it’s not a football score, but Sarah Beeny with Tepilo and Zoopla must be proud with the result of coming #19  and #10 out of 100 respectively.

That was the outcome of the annual Startups 100. This is the definitive countdown to the UK’s most innovative, inspiring and ground-breaking new companies.

This years  Startups 100 list includes those who they think are the best, most exciting, promising, disruptive new businesses and entrepreneurs shaping the start-up market right now.Some you’ll know and some are less familiar, but they’re confident they’ll be a few more household names on the 2010 list by the time we start compiling next year’s countdown!

Zoopla and Tepilo success

Start ups Zoopla and Tepilo success

Sarah Beeny’s made the list at number 19, just beaten by Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce web site and Alex Chesterman and Simon Kain at number 10

# 19
Launched in August 2009, Tepilo is Channel 4 presenter Sarah’s alternative way to buy, sell or let your property, all for free. After realising most buyers were on the internet searching for property, and that only agents could upload property to key sites, it seemed logical to create a site that enabled sellers to upload property themselves, and save agency fees in the process. With just under 8,000 properties on the site at any time, Tepilo has already attracted 25,000 registered users, and has now launched a lettings arm.

# 10 is aiming to become the UK’s most comprehensive source of residential property market information. With the aim of helping buyers, sellers, owners and estate agents gain an advantage in the property market, Alex and Simon set up following the success of their other venture, The service offers greater transparency to customers, offering free instant value estimates on every UK home and enabling buyers to express interest in any residential property online. The acquisitions of from the Guardian Media Group and the Propertyfinder group in the summer were key turning points for the company last year.

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5 Responses to “Sarah Beeny 19 Zoopla 10”

  1. John says:

    It’s interesting that someone is trying to take on Rightmove at all. I’d be surprised if anyone can take the number one spot from them. I think at some point a site like Tepilo will move in and take it but I think it might need more backing than just Sarah Beeny, perhaps Google might have a go?

  2. Its funny how so many think they can take on the big property portals, I have to say Zoopla have had the best shot and have come of 3rd behind the Rightmove and the Digital Property group. Though im sure they would have made a profit in the time they had. As far as Sarah Beeny’s site goes, selling by yourself and buying for yourself is a long way off, many of us cant buy a card without help from a dealer advising us which is best for our needs from their range so its hard to see how something as complicated as property will be sold without ‘help’.

  3. Zanet says:

    I understand what you mean when you say “selling by yourself and buying for yourself is a long way off, many of us cant buy a card without help from a dealer advising us which is best for our needs”

    On the other hand people are a lot more PC savvy these days and so a new generation of buyers are appearing

  4. Restoration says:

    I wonder what new propery related sites will startup in 2011
    Its going to be a tough 12 months in the UK

  5. You only have to look at the share price of Rightmove to see how they have the market sewn up – over 1000p now which is more than in 2007/8 when the property market peaked…

    That doesn’t make sense except when you realise that Rightmove gets it’s cash whther properties sell or not! It’s the estate agent who suffers a poor market and lkike it or not, clients want to be on Rightmove. I still don’t get other sites mentioned to me half as much by clients.

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