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Sarah Beeny gives UK confidence

Sarah Beeny is back on the box with her Channel 4 Help my house is falling down!

I beleive that this is a really positive show, even though its is quite devastating to see some of the places families are prepared to buy. Let me explain whay this is a positive programme to view by highlighting the following points.

  • It shows the importance of a full survey : In many cases the victims of the house collapsing around them isn’t due to anything other than the fact they believed they could save themselves a few pounds by avoiding paying for a full survey. This is the main disaster. Why would anyone part with 100’s of thousands of pounds without first having a survey? I hope this show educates buyers to see why the survey is the most sensible pennies to spent on a property.
  • It shows the contrast of issues, their priority and puts them in perspective. For example a black mould was a major issue due to the damp in the house on a recent show. But rather than wash all the mould away and then putting some sealant over it, Sarah Beeny tackled the initial issue of where is the damp coming from in the first place. Other shows reported a house with green mould on the outside wall which was making members of the family ill with a persistent coughs, in this case poor drainage was to blame. The show build confidence that issue can be tackled if you know what order to tackle them in.
Sarah Beeny gives UK confidence

Sarah Beeny gives UK confidence with her show

  • Finally the show builds confidence in knowing that no problem is beyond the ability to put right. OK its true it may cost a fair bit of money, but if you are insured or have a mortgage then your lender is just as interested as you are to get these issues solved.

For my part I wouldn’t wish mould, broken drains, leaking roofs or cracking walls upon anyone, but I now have the confidence to know that no problem is beyond the ability to put right with the correct knowledge, skills and tools.


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