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Sarah Beeny : Rise Hall

As a venue for a wedding, Rise Hall is a perfect venue. But that wasn’t always the case as we recentyl saw in the recent Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare.

Rise Hall was a convent for many of its years along with a girls boarding school. But after 50 years funds ran out, thereby the home was abandoned and dormant  for 10 years. The owners of the Grade 2* listed Rise Hall desperately searched for something to do with it. No body wanted to rent it – flats didn’t stack up – and eventually they decided to sell it before the roof caved in completely. Who other than Sarah could pick up such a challenge!

We recently spoke to Sarah Beeny to find out a little more detail on how things turned out from the very first wedding and also what other projects Sarah has in her coming 2011 calendar.

Sarah Beeny Interview on Rise Hall

Yourrightmove :
It looked like it was never going to come together on the programme, and clearly there will be a lot more work before the complete building is fully restored. Have you had a lot of enquiries for events and weddings since the initial wedding?

Sarah Beeny :
“We’ve been delighted at the response to the restoration of Rise Hall. It’s an ongoing project and there will always be a lot of work to do – but we are now open and well prepared for weddings and most other celebrations”

Sarah Beeny Rise Hall

Sarah Beeny at Rise Hall Restoration

Yourrightmove :
So how bad was Rise Hall when you purchased it, was it really a restoration nightmare?

Sarah Beeny :
The house was literally falling down, and was riddled with dry rot, wet rot and there was hardly a problem we didn’t have to start with. Great experience if you like coming up with solutions to these sorts of things.”


Rise Hall Restoration

Rise Hall Restoration

Yourrightmove :
Tell us a little more about Rise Hall and how its now used as a business and events venue?


Sarah Beeny :
“It’s a magical setting, with plenty of space and quite a unique chance to get married in a huge stately home The advantage is that it’s your own home for your wedding day – it is very much NOT a hotel – and it’s beautiful. The building itself is a 97 room, Grade II* listed Georgian stately home, it really is a great location and there’s 30 acres of beautiful land around you too. We can accommodate most requests and will do everything we can to make your special day perfect.”


Sarah Beeny : Rise Hall

Amazing entrance way and staircase at Rise Hall

Yourrightmove :
Out of interest as I write this article on Rise Hall has it now been revalued since the work? I guess its not fully renovated but has it been valued in its new state? Also, am I right in remembering from the show it cost £400,000 and you had a budget of £500,000

Sarah Beeny :
We bought the Hall for around £420,000 and have put much less than the National Trust would have spent  – but we haven’t worked out the exact numbers.  We haven’t valued the property yet either – but there would be a considerable increase in value now.


Sarah Beeny and Graham Swift

Graham Swift and Sarah Beeny outside Rise Hall

I think we all remember the famous words from Sarah when she was on Property Ladder asking whether they had remembered to allow contingency money in case unforeseen problems stretch their schedule. But how could anyone (including Sarah) ever know what this project would end up costing. This is what made the project so unique as rather than finish Rise Hall, the plan was to make it into a business profitable enough to provide income to poor back into a continued restoration.

As I see it, Graham Swift and Sarah Beeny along with there family have risked everything on an mammoth project and have really turned this around into a great success story.

A visit to there weddings and events web site shows charges currently ranging from around £2,000 to £7,000 for the exclusive use of their home, catering costs vary depending on your requirements.

I have to say it would be a real treat to have a wedding at such a venue. Rise Hall really  is the perfect venue for photo shoots, film shoots, larger or more intimate conferences, parties and of course weddings.

For bookings contact Sarah on 0845 450 4545 or visit her web site

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5 Responses to “Sarah Beeny : Rise Hall”

  1. Violet says:

    I love the show and Sarah’s effort to rescue beatiful rise hall I support there need to be a sensible and hard decision to make at last. Very sad

  2. Mandy says:

    We have tried without success to find the address that Sarah gave on her programme,for renting your property out for filming ect we wondered if you could email it to us thank you Mandy

  3. I visited Rise Hall on the 21st January and was dissapointed.
    My daughter is getting married in November and we was both very excited to be visiting and viewing the property.
    Personally i think opening 28 bedrooms has been a challenge so most look incomplete and abit taty. The main entrance has a Zebra rug that does not fit in with the decor please take this away. Most of the table decors was too small for the tables in the entrance halls and rooms just needs more attention to detail.
    Cushions on the beds not big enough for the bed and look lost.
    Go to Country Baskets in Leeds for some internal insperation on the home decor flowers, table decorations etc to make it look more welcoming. Aslo the Lanterns outside on the step look lost not big eneough or really not needed.
    I watch all Sarahs programmes and admire her but come on this is English Heritage don’t rush it. ( Get some help)

  4. Matt Wardman says:

    The article seems to have missed that Saville’s had this on the market for £1.75m in 2007.

  5. barry couchman says:

    Great effort, great results and what a lovely family. WELL DONE !

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