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Secret to increasing property interest

So is their a secret to increasing property interest if you have gone several months with little or no interest.

Yes there are several ways to turn things around according to a recent discussion on Right Move.

If your property has had little or no interest to date then here is a plan of action to increase interest in your property…

  • De-clutter the property. If there isnt space this will always have a negative effect on a viewing. This includes all rooms with clean windows, neutral decor, a good kitchen, bathroom, garage and the garden. Also consider what’s known as kerb appeal. Just imagine how others see your property when they drive by, as that’s what potential viewings will do if its not appealing from the outside.
  • Decorate areas that are needed. You may need a fresh pair of eyes to point out areas that you are blind to. So invite a friend over to give a critical eye and listen, don’t justify what is being pointed out.
  • Consider asking your Estate agent to re-take the photos and re-list it.
  • If you get any viewings make sure you ask your estate agent for  feedback from the viewers and act on it.
  • Consider the time of the year as summer holidays and leading up to Christmas are always less easy to sell than the spring and autumn months. So you may have to relist at a different time of the year to increase property interest.
  • Consider changing your estate agent, once out of contract, invite other agents to explain what they could do to improve marketing.
  • Consider whether your property is over priced. Any property will sell at the right price, so this is always the final consideration as eventually someone will consider a a price reduction as a guaranteed bargain. This is barely a secret to increasing property interest, but few are prepared to consider it.

Secret to increasing property interest

So we have listed our top 7 secrets to increasing property interest, if you know of any then please let us know below

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