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Tepilo goes awesome with Google

Sarah Beeny’s great website Tepilo now lists its properties on Google’s new service.

This looks a brilliant way forward for what is in my mind a mini revolution from Channel 4’s Sarah Beeny

We’ve already taken a look at Reviewed and the Tepilo Temptation, but today we decided to take a look at how the Google service is integrated, boy we were blown away!

Why it’s so fabulous?

Tepilo joins Google joins forces with Google

Google maps is so easy to use, but now you can pick you post code and see all the houses currently for sale on Tepilo.

Google Maps on Tepilo

Google Maps make Tepilo a doddle

Search Slider

I cant think of a more usable way of finding property as most searches will always start in a location. From this you can use the various sliders to refine your search.

Refine search with slider

Street View

Tepilo enables you not only to locate properties in your desired area, but even use the amazing street view.

Google Street View

Google Street View on Tepilo

It’s Free

When you consider all this intergration is for free, you would expect it to take off like a rocket. i think it is just a matter of time.

The Competition

In contrast Rightmove isn’t using Google, despite welcoming the launch of its map-based property search in the UK.

Rightmove said that it is the world’s largest user of Google maps, according to figures released last month, but insisted that 97% of property searchers still want words, not maps.

Rightmove, said: “We teamed up with Google to offer an improved map-based search option for visitors to and it has been a useful addition. Users appreciate being able to locate an individual property on a map, but seem to want it right alongside the detailed property information and the other research resources that Rightmove provides. The vast majority of Rightmove users still prefer list-based search results when home-hunting, but it’s great to be able to offer them the choice. I’m sure that estate and lettings agents will try a search on their own area in Google wearing a home-hunter’s hat, and judge for themselves the quality of the user experience.”

Tepilo join Zoopla who also have recently struck a deal with Google.

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