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Tepilo Temptation

If you are thinking of selling your house on the web, you’ll see from previous articles that Tepilo is certainly worthy of your attention. One of the great additions coming soon on Sarah Beeny’s Tepilo site is the “Tempt me” area. This hasn’t been released yet, but we are assured it will be a great feature if you are half thinking of selling and not too sure as to whether or not to do so. Add your property here, and see what others might offer to tempt you into selling. Would you sell if you were offered the right price?

We spoke to Sarah this week and she tells us, “it’s coming very soon – idea is to let people test the water with their properties without committing to selling it” We guess it will enable you to get a good idea as to how your property would sell on the current house market.

Teplio Temptation

Teplio will try to tempt you soon

The Tepilo site is a very simple process as we discovered recently

As there is no charges or commission for using the site it’s is surely going to grow over the coming year.
Tepilo has partnered Channel 4, The Telegraph, The Independent, AOL.

Firstly you can add photos of your home yourself. You can do this when you add details about your home, or come back and add and amend this later.

Next you add a floor plan of your property. You can upload this document to your home profile. If you don’t have a floor-plan, you can draw each floor with measurements, then use the free floor-planner creator provided by Tepilo.

Next stage is to add how long the lease has left and how much the service charge and ground rent is if this is applicable.

Choose how you want to do the viewings Tepilo provide some advice and safety guidelines, well worth a read.

Thats it you are now ready to sell on Tepilo. Obviously the overall buying selling process will require additional work outside of Tepilo, for example you’ll need a solicitor, and especially if you are buying you’ll need a Mortgage offer and a survey, all these areas are covered in Tepilo’s guide.

I just wonder if Kirsty Allsop from Location Location will produce her own site to compete?

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