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A Step by Step Guide to Buying

buying your house online

The Buying Process: A Step-by-Step Guide Now I'm about to reveal my normal process for buying a property. Years ago a walk along the local high street and a visit to each estate agent was my only option while taking a day off work. Today its all changed. Far from my priority to visit shops and ...

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Rightmove disappoints Estate Agents

Rightmove disappoints Estate Agents

Times are getting tighter according to the markets this week. Rightmove indicated that the pressure on finances caused by the sovereign debt crisis has prompted home sellers to maintain their property sales price unchanged since April. This is the first time since 2002 that prices haven’t risen in the month of May, the month in ...

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REVEALED, what property feeds on our igoogle

Top Property Feeds

Today I reveal some of the best RSS feeds for keeping us up to date on UK property and Mortgage news. There are hundreds of great widgets and apps and feeds on the web today and property news feeds are essential if you want to keep up with current changes in the UK housing market. So ...

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How to Find your Dream Property

How to Find your Dream Property

When you buy property on the web its easy to think, search on Rightmove - That's it! Today we take you out of the box. As we saw last week sites such as Zoopla will give you an additional 25% more properties on an average search. How to Find your Dream Property - The principle: Simply think ...

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Estate Agent with Rightmove – 7 Reasons To Use One

Are Estate Agents needed?

Not everyone is a fan of Estate agents. For many years we've wondered whether online property portals like Tepilo from Sarah Beeny would start the disappearance of Estate agents. Basically the question do you need an Estate agent with Rightmove Zoopla and Tepilo adverts has been asked many a time. So do you really save money ...

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How Much is My House Worth

How Much is My House Worth

If ever we find a question that fills our inbox on a regular basis, that is definitely number 1 How Much is my property worth. In many ways its a variable that has no definite answer. In fact the simple but correct answer is quite annoying. "Your property is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for ...

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Sarah Beeny Interview

Sarah Beeny Interview

Sarah Beeny is certainly an authority when it comes to English property developer and television presenter. She provides down to earth advice for the newbie developer. Sarah is best known for presenting the Channel 4 property shows such as Property Ladder, Streets Ahead, Britain’s Best Homes and Help! My House Is Falling Down. More recently, with ...

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How do you search for property? Part 3

Findaproperty -a little hard to use

Today we will take a look at 4 more property sites I recently used on a search for buying property. In part 1 of this article we looked at the old fashioned way of accessing property via the high street printed details. I threw some tips in, on how to narrow the property search down to ...

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How do you search for property? Part 2

How do you search for property on Rightmove

Yesterday I gave you an insite into the way you can shortlist a property search without the internet, exactly how I used to do it 10 years ago! Today we now look at the internet portals and reveal the amazing benefits and the serious failings of the top 5 property portals. Questions I considered while looking for ...

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Tepilo App For Nokia

Tepilo App Released for Download

The long awaited mobile Tepilo App is now released. We've waited a while to see if Sarah Beeny's property site Tepilo will release a mobile app to compete with Zoopla and Right Move. Clearly the market is benefiting from these great apps that provide a convenient way to view property out and about. Although the detail may ...

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