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Top 7 Steps to Selling Your Home at Speed in the UK

Top 7 Steps to Selling Your Home at Speed in UK

Top 7 Steps to Selling

Selling a home in the UK right now isn’t the easiest market compared to recent years, but our top seven tips will certainly increase the speed and help you beat the average sellers odds. The market is currently taking sellers eleven weeks to sell a property, with most achieving around 90% of the of the asking price, so you will find these seven steps from the professionals a real advantage in getting on the market and selling at the right price.

1. Calculate True Costs
Moving is expensive, don’t fool yourself, so one of the first things is to see whether selling is the best option, get a quote for an extension, loft conversion or conservatory and see whether you may actually be overlooking a solution starring you right in the face.

2. Finish All DIY and then Neutralise
You can maximise your selling price or make the property easier to sell by simply completing all the DIY around the house. Also try to neutralise any rooms that are using unusual or bright colours as it may not appeal to all that view your property.

3. Get a Realistic Valuation
The simplest way to value your property is to take a look at similar properties around your area and see what they sold for not what they were asking. If you set it too high you will have no viewings, too low and you may find you give someone a real bargain. It’s recommended that you attain 3 estate agents valuations as this is free and will give you a good average from the current market perspective.

4. Get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) or Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA)
You can pick these up for around £35 now so don’y over pay. They are valid for 10 years so its a one off expense if you are thinking of moving  shortly. No longer are Home Information Packs or HIPS neccessary, they’ve been suspended so don’t worry about them

5. Marketing the Property
There are 5 sensible ways to market the property

a) A For sale board
b) Use National papers
c) Use Local newspapers
d) The Internet
e) An Auction

You may find it’s best to try all 5 as any can bring in a successful viewing and yet the cost variation is extreme. Remember the cost eats into your buying or selling money, sometimes these expenses get missed out in the calculation and suddenly the costs don’t add up. Few sellers consider selling via a property auction and yet most properties sell in 6 to 8 weeks, so far quicker than through an estate agent. Perhaps you see it as a last resort, full of properties going cheap either because they are repossessed homes or because they damp and poorly-built or in a terrible state of repair. There are a growing number of sellers choosing to sell their property via an auctioneer rather than an estate agent.

6. Conducting Successful Viewings
If your with an estate agent then they should already be familiar with your property and how to point out the positive areas. If you are intending to sell your own property and conduct your own viewings then always lead the buyers through the property. Also when you open a door to the room you enter first, pointing out all the positive points of the room. When you lead them to a small room then allow the buyers to enter the room while you stand outside as you never want the small room to feel too cramped. Finally never stand in the light of the window, as light sells!

7. Receiving The Right Offer
This can be a very exciting time, and you may need to sweat over the decisions being made. With properties selling at 90% the asking price currently, you have to be realistic. If you are happy with the offer you are now ready to get a solicitor/ conveyancer involved.

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