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UK Property in 2010

What will happen to UK Property in 2010?

Experts and estate agents expect 2010 will be another difficult year for the housing market in the UK.

The UK house market will be a market of plenty of choice, but few buyers. Experts claim that more will decide to sell privately and cut out as many middle men as possible

Top 5 trends to expect in 2010:

1. Expect to see large properties on the market for bargain prices.

Large properties will struggle next year and more expensive property will become available to the market. We can expect to see some large properties on the market, some of which hardly ever changes hands, both in terms of residential and rural properties, including farms and estates in sort after areas.

2. House prices readjusting across the UK

When an election is on the cards in 2010 and the recession is still hitting hard, you can expect to see an increase in taxes, an increase in unemployment, particularly job losses in the public sector. You can definitely expect readjustment on property prices across all sectors of the UK market.

3. Investers may become fussy

For many , investing in houses “was as safe as houses” excuse the pun.  People will be looking to invest in something that will generate an income may look around and find the potential a lot less appealing than previous years. Land may prove to be the stable resource above property in 2010.

4. Expect some bargains on the UK housing market in 2010

Supply may well outstrip demand in 2010. Interest rates are also expected to  increase. Buyers will have more choice and property prices will be more competitive than previous years.

5. More reductions ahead

2010 already takes a lot of quality property onto the market still available from the end of 2009 and, again, not all is openly advertised. These properties will no doubt have some severe reductions to come if they want to sell in 2010.

So in conclusion, if you are looking to purchase a bargain property in 2010 you have a good year ahead.

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