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Zoopla Vs Rightmove App Final Round


The apps are just pocket store fronts to the main web site and company
If the app works great but all communication via the web site or estate agents fail then the app has served little purpose

So which web site and company have the greater stability? Which one claims the highest visitor traffic in the UK and thereby is most likely to have proportionately more buyers viewing?

the final round

the final round for the battle of the apps

Already the apps get their own ratings on itunes – current scores:

version 1.0
18 ratings 4.5 stars

version 1.1
17388 ratings 3.5 stars

We felt that this isn’t a true reflection as the numbers for Zoopla are minimal at this point.

So we decided the main site would serve as another good barometer.

According to Alexa On line since 21-Feb-1997
Alexa traffic rank for 197 in the UK On line since 07-Sep-1999
Alexa traffic rank for 29 in the UK

Verdict: Rightmove is likely to have more UK buyers using the app as it still has a large monopoly over the others in web traffic.

Final Result: Draw
3.5 Zoopla
3.5 Rightmove


The Rightmove app would of easily lost if it didn’t address the bugs in version 1.0. Since 1.1 the app is stable and still offers the most properties for sale and rent.
Zoopla however is a much easier app with some beautiful extras tucked away in the background.

Both apps in our test provided a faultless experience.

Tepilo are about to launch their version as another challenger to these apps

Meanwhile my suggestion is you use both apps when searching for a property as they both have strengths that make them worthy to use on your iphone

Please feel free to comment below if you disagree or agree with our verdict.

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2 Responses to “Zoopla Vs Rightmove App Final Round”

  1. Your Letting Business says:

    I have the zoopla app, i love how it puts all the property’s on the map on my Android. You can then drive around and actually see the propertys, allays best to make an appointment though. People don’t like you looking in their windows I imagine.

  2. […] We hope this has given you some useful pointers. Let us know if you feel there are better apps available. From time to time we do compare apps.¬†For example last year we ran a series of article entitled :¬†Zoopla Versus Rightmove App […]

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