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Zoopla Vs Rightmove App Round 3


Which has the greatest usability?

As with all iphone apps they must be easy to use or they won’t get used. With both these apps the interface is immediately intuitive and it felt just as easy using the app as it would visiting their main site.

Rightmove had predictable text when entering a town or city. This made it easy to enter without misspelling. Apart from this feature it was overall good. The app just felt a little dated after using Zoopla’s app.

Zoopla versus Right move

Iphone battle : Round 3

Zoopla had a lot more features while remaining simple to use. The map integration along with the buttons and ease of use was noticeable on Zoopla’s app. I love the way the app takes you straight to your location and the pins appear right from the start of the app. The Google integration on the map with the pins felt so right. This for me is a step forward in usability.

Verdict: Zoopla has an advantage as its learnt from the other apps and produce a very smart and usable application. The map integration with pins as a way to view property is very well executed. Rightmove app is solid, but feels a little like a conversion of the web site search.

1.5 Zoopla
1.5 Rightmove

Please feel free to comment below if you disagree or agree with our verdict.

Tune in tomorrow for round 4 where we test renting on the iphone app

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2 Responses to “Zoopla Vs Rightmove App Round 3”

  1. Bob says:

    What about the findaproperty app. Surely this should be a 3 way tussle

  2. Zanet says:

    Thanks for your comment
    we considered a three way match but we have already covered findaproperty on

    As Rightmove had released an update we felt it would be good to see if the stability issues had improved

    we are lining up Tepilo App to take on find a property with a semi final and final for the 4 when tepilo is available

    hope you enjoy our current round of app reviews

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