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Zoopla Vs Rightmove Apps

Zoopla Vs Rightmove iphone apps

In recent months we have analysed the current property apps for an iphone. Lets face it, if you are out and about viewing property having a good app on your iphone is worth its weight in gold. Zoopla have just released there app for the iphone and its looking a very mean machine.
So we will now put zoopla’s app through its paces to see if it’s a match for the main king of property Rightmove. (Rightmove could only draw with previous contender FindaProperty)

They are both free apps currently on iTunes. Both are easy to install.

So introducing our new challenger Zoopla

Alex Chesterman, Founder and CEO of said, “Much like the website, our iPhone app provides consumers with the information they need to make better-informed property decisions. As well as listing properties available to buy or rent, we provide useful information to help users make sense of the residential property market. And now our services will be easily and readily accessible whilst ‘on location’ via the new mobile app.”
They sound confident!

Which one has the larger number of properties for sale in a given area?

Zoopla Vs Rightmove

Zoopla Vs Rightmove Round 1

Last time Rightmove crashed so we will be interested to see if any recent updates in version 1.1 fixed the app.
It was also noted that last time one of the comments from a visitor of this site made the point that though Rightmove only showed 100 results their were many more. The thinking being that you would need to narrow the criteria if you were searching for more than 100 – point taken

We ran our test on a random town and a city

Zoopla Results
Town: showing 50 of 612 Reading properties for sale
City: showing 50 of 3673 Birmingham properties for sale

Rightmove Results
Town: 100 Reading properties for sale and encourages you to filter the result
City: 100 Birmingham properties for sale

Good to see no crashes this time round on version 1.1

As much as i really like Zoopla’s 50 results which tell me their are more if needed, others may say that Rightmoves approach is just as good, so i’ll give a fair verdict as they both had far more than you could ever need in a town or city

To get a definite result though i’m now going to narrow it down to a default view of properties for sale in my location

Zoopla Results for properties to buy
26 within my location

Rightmove Results for properties to buy
57 within my location

Verdict: Although the Cities and Towns provide a huge amount of property to view and both apps give a large number, when it comes to volume within a small area Rightmove seems to have the edge with over double the properties within my location

0 Zoopla
1 Rightmove

Please feel free to comment below if you disagree or agree with our verdict.

Tune in tomorrow for Round 2

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