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High Search Low Rightmove Results

High Search Low Rightmove Results

Where have all the properties gone? We are seeing Zoopla and  Rightmove report unusual changes in 2012. With high search and yet  low Rightmove results it's clear that properties are not entering the market quickly. The opening weeks of 2012 have revealed a remarkable need for finding property but very little to be found in the ...

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Great Tips on House Buying

Rightmove - house prices will fall

We all love tips and often hear potential buyers asking us, do you have any really great tips for buying the right house? what do you do when you want to really get an advantage over the other buyers? Are there any obvious tips or trciks that i may of overlooked? Well today we have ...

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How Much is My House Worth

How Much is My House Worth

If ever we find a question that fills our inbox on a regular basis, that is definitely number 1 How Much is my property worth. In many ways its a variable that has no definite answer. In fact the simple but correct answer is quite annoying. "Your property is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for ...

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Zoopla Heat Map Guide

Zoopla Heat Map Guide

When it comes down to innovations, no site excites me more than Zoopla. With its not always accurate Zed-index and its brilliant temp me, property price archive and some great iphone and Android apps, Zoopla now have created the Heat Map. Its awesome, it's simple, its innovative. Simply search as normal but at the bottom of ...

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Your Right Iphone App

Zoopla Vs Rightmove

Unless you have been residing on the moon, purchasing property is clearly moved up another level in the last few years now applications have hit mobiles. We have put together some interesting reviews on the current front running iPhone apps. Take a look and see why Zoopla app gives the Right move app a knockout punch Can the ...

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Zoopla powers AOL UK

Zoopla now powers AOL UK property search

Zoopla continues to grow as they announced to the world that as from this week they now power all of AOL UK property searches. Under the terms of the deal, all properties listed on Zoopla will now also be available on AOL UK. You may struggle to find it, as it's not linked on the AOL page ...

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One Property Gadget Does All

One Property Gadget Searches over 20 sites

Can one gadget do it all? Could a gadget really trawl through all the web pages out there and provide a one stop interface to enable you to find environmental reports, steetview, how much the property last sold for on Rightmove and Zoopla? Yes. The gadget is PropertyWizza. The application works perfectly on the Google Chrome ...

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Google Avoids Right Move

Google Propert Portal

A few years back Google announced its intention to enter the property market. The idea was to enhance its Google Maps application with local property and take on the big property portals such as Rightmove, Findaproperty and Zoopla. This was rolled out as a trial in a few countries, but it seems before taking to ...

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3 Apps you need if your house hunting

augmented app from findaproperty

Viewing property has never been easier, as more of the big property companies release apps for the iphone and other mobile operating systems. If you have ever walked around an area and thought how much you would love to live here, then these apps are priceless. The apps will help you find available properties in your ...

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Zoopla Climbs the Housing Portal Ladder

Zoopla Climbs Portal Ladder

According to Nielsen who monitor web site traffic, Zoopla has established itself in the UK on-line Housing market as the number 2 portal. The study was based on unique visitors to the UK's property portals. In less the 3 years Zoopla has moved from zero to hero. The resent surge in TV advertising has now helped cement ...

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