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FindaProperty App vs Rightmove App

Battle of the Apps

Recently there seems to be an application for everything.
iPhone users are being given a lot of choice and service from the property sites and Right Move and Find a Property are no exception. Even Sarah Beeny informs me that the new Tepilo web site is currently having an Application built for the iPhone and the android.


iPhone Apps : FindaProperty App vs Rightmove App

FindaProperty vs Rightmove

So who really is the best when it comes to the apps world?

Our contenders today are FindaProperty App vs Rightmove App.
We put them to the test with 7 gruelling rounds of testing using a random town and city in the UK. The Town picked for the test was Bournemouth and the City was London – Noting hill.

Each day we will have a round of testing on these two major challengers for the title – by the end of 7 rounds we are hoping there will be a true champion, so keep

Property Apps Round 1

Which one has the larger number of properties for sale in a given area?
Whilst Rightmove may hold sway in England and Wales, it doesn’t have the same presence in areas of Scotland.

We ran our random test on a town and a city

FindaProperty Results
Town: 45 Bournemouth properties for sale
City: 504 London Noting hill properties for sale

Rightmove Results
Town: 100 Bournemouth properties for sale
City: 100 London Noting hill properties for sale were shown and then the application crashed!

Verdict: FindaProperty won – more results provided and more stable application

1 FindaProperty
0 Rightmove

Tune in tomorrow for Round 2

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10 Responses to “FindaProperty App vs Rightmove App”

  1. Miss Tyne says:

    Cant wait for the result
    I use both on my Iphone
    i must agree with the above
    that i get more than 100 results with findaproperty but only 100 with rightmove
    great report – when is the next round?

  2. Hot Property says:

    I think Rightmove has a lot more than 100 results
    its just not needed any more than that
    no one serious would flick through 500 results
    They would narrow the criteria first
    I think there both as good – i would suggest a draw!

  3. Zanet says:

    Fair point made Hot Property

  4. Zanet says:

    Findaproperty and Rightmove are about to have a rematch with Zoopla and Tepilo

    keep watching this space

  5. admin says:

    Zoopla is now a contender
    it will fight for the title of best App for the iphone today

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